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  1. Have just called them and they told me they don't hold that information and i will have to call the court concerned to find out what it was for...
  2. I Just payed to use that site and all it gave me was the information i already knew nothing else it still never told me who gave me the CCJ and what for... oh well!!
  3. Info gave me the full addresse above what else does that site give you will it give me the full Judgement details and what it was for...
  4. Good point info i will just leave it then...
  5. No sorry i know the court name but never heard of it and no idea where it is ...Sorry i should explain better...(Its Newbury Court) there is also a case number listed..
  6. OK Guys there is just one more thing from the past.... This is the last one i promise.... I have a CCJ on my credit file dated 26/04/2005 from a unknown court i know nothing about it and have never recieved a default notice and never received any information about this in my life there was a period in my life when i just moved around everywhere. Any suggestions cagers please.....
  7. Thanks comeback but i think it was a joint effort all the info i have seen on here helped towards this victory this site is one of the best sites i have ever come across .. Thanks to all cags...
  8. Thanks Buzby.. I will sit tight and wait for a reply... On to the next one.. I have another default on my file made by WELCOME FINANCE.. The debt was passed on to HILLESDEN SECURITIES..I am aware of the debt and admit it was mine but i have not heard anything from them neither did i get any letters.. The debt started on 17/01/2003 the amount was for nearly £4000 Upon Receiving a copy of my credit file i noticed it had defaulted i contacted Hillesden and sent them a letter saying the debt was STATUDE BARRED... They agreed with me and said the Account was now clos
  9. Hi Thankyou for all the advice everybody but i have now recieved notice from BRYAN CARTER that all legal proceeding have been withdrawn and the claim has been returned to the client ARROW GLOBAL.. I have also been in contact with the cra and they have agreed with me if they can not prove the debt is mine nor neither provide me with the SAR as requested they ARROW GLOBAL can not prove i gave permission to share my data with the CRA. The CRA is contacting ARROW TO ask for the information in question and if they cant they say they have to remove the default.. Does this info so
  10. Hi Let me re word this a little bit sorry i was not very clear i had already asked the DCA for a subject access request and they never replied and after that BRYAN CARTER started court proceedings. So i contested the debt and wrote back to the court saying i have no knowledge of the debt and that i had previosly asked the DCA for a SAR and i felt the claim was in dispute. I also told the court that i had sent another SAR to BRYAN CARTER this time and that i sent it recorded delivery the court wrote back and said they passed my defence to BRYAN CARTER and that they had to repl
  11. Hi To cut a long story short i have had problems with ARROW GLOBAL/FREDERICKSONS & then BRYAN CARTER..... Carter issued court proceedings against me for an alledged ORANGE MOBILE DEBT.. I contested the debt through court and asked for an SAR. Carter never replied to the court but he replied to me and all he provided was a orange mobile bill and said that was all he had and i had to pay within 10 days or he would proceed with court.. I told him to shove it and stick it up his arse and that i would see him in court.... Just today i contacted the court and they told me
  12. Hi Just to let you all know i have been in contact with the court and they have confirmed that the court proceeding have been stayed as Bryan Carter have failed to provide the SAR... Can anyone advise what to do now can i get the default lifted from the CRA... Many Thanks...
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