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  1. I need to make a claim on GE capital for trying to claim on my ppi when i was made redundant, which they never ever did, and the misselling, they took me to court and i had to pay them in full with interest, totalling £10k i paid for a loan originally for £5000 where do i start the process off any help would be great as i havent got a clue, but at the court hearing the judge advised me to go and seek legal advise because there was a case for me here, that is what i am trying to do thanks in advance x
  2. thanks in advance for the response, I have collected a statement showing a nil balance on the loan account, but for the love of money get anyone to sort this within allaince and leicester, that is why i was wondering if i can do this myself, as my buyer is pullung out on 8th nov, after waiting 3 months to sign contracts, and ive tried everything up to know, your help is most gratful thank you
  3. Thanks for your response, but that just the trouble i have tried paying it off and the alliance and leicester who put the originalk charging order on, advise me there is nothing outstanding for the debt, as they no longer have a balance showing, it is nil, yet my charging order is still there, so for the love of money i would love to pay it, but theres nothing to pay, any ideas?? thanks in advance
  4. i never paid the debt off, but the alliance and leicester no longer have it as outstanding as its been that long, thanks
  5. can anyone advise me how i can get a charging order removed from my property which is affecting the current sale of my home, the debt goes back to 2000, i didnt even know i had a charging order until i come to sell my property, it was originally with alliance and leicester, i ontact them and they say they no longer have the debt, as its that old, but the charging order is still therwe in the name of alliance and leicester my solicitor has tried and tried to get some communication to try and pay it off or for them to say there is no debt outstanding, we just cannot get any help at all, am going
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