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  1. We should wait and see if Mr Gulliver and Mr Flint answer I think it is highly unlikely they will, simply because it will just be put back into the complaints system which is designed to cover up complaints not deal with them. They will do this to isolate themselves from what is really going on.
  2. you of course may be correct but here is a possibility we may be looking at something hidden away very cleverly that is bigger than ppi
  3. Today we have sent full copies of this post to Mr Gulliver and Mr Fint senior executives at the HSBC by recorded delivery. We do not expect a direct reply from them but for 2 years we have been trying to talk to someone in a senior position at the HSBC about what could be described as suspicious activity at the Arc Commercial Centre in Nottingham. Everytime we have lodged a complaint it has it has disappeared been responded to as satisfied without our knowledge but with no answer. Our intent silly as it sounds is to get back dealing properly with the HSBC in the past a brilliant bank, b
  4. found out why naughty due to inexperience but watch this space will open a can of worms so big will make a fortune out of fishermen
  5. I posted an article or thread whatever you call it regarding HSBC bank and their office "the arc" in nottingham. Merely asking if anyone else had had dealings with this place or office. The post disappeared is it me if so could someone explain
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