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  1. ..no need a KwA special forces unit on site, will finish ODJS, and give mission debrief on completion..stand fast. Makaveli KwA sitref
  2. ..u know it baby, the war against the Jackals (touts), never ends. i have my own thread now, given by site team. let me finish the job in the VoJ. Makaveli KwA peace peices
  3. agathac, was your mortgage with London Mortgage Company Ltd? roughly, what month & year were you repoed? did you always make your payments to LMC limited, via capstone? was mortgage contract/deed in the name of LMC Ltd? Makaveli KwA
  4. coz i lay low, breathe awhile when i smoke a jackal in da VoJ, i smile.. ..say eagleyecherry, are you the one with 5 buy-to-let Lehmans mortgages? "dont' wait for the translation, answer 'yes' or 'no'!" Makaveli KwA in country.
  5. ..you're still the ONLY saddo maggotfarma, to try and start your own thread, and get ZERO replies. Then your JACKAL ass, attempts to hijack the SPML thread- failed, you're one **** poor pathetic excuse for a jackal. SHILL would be ashamed of even your donkey kong double-dumbass! Makaveli KwA
  6. ..both SPML/PML showing losses on the p&l account, PML would be balance sheet as well as 'trading' insolvent if it was not for the £25million share issue to Preferred Group Ltd-thought they were dead with no directors? 1. STILL need the 09 accounts, as Lehmans went down in Sept.08, so the accounts which will show that there is bugger all in these 2 JAWs, are the 30/11/09 due in August this year. 2 securitisations took place in 08, so this has just added to the net assets, but both made massive losses on p&l. 2. Both trading insolvently. 3. Huge intercompany debts writte
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