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  1. ok , will ignore / return the letter , cheers
  2. usual crap , loads of phonecalls and now a letter , they have her name wrong on the letter so i have penned this letter to them , any suggestions to any alterations i should make , and i have told her not to sign it ... I cannot acknowledge the debt you are suggesting that ismine without seeing a signed copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement. Also, the name that this account supposedly belongs to isnot completely accurate compared to mine which suggests to myself that you are ‘fishing’for someone to pay this account. Furthermore, if you continue to harass myself I will haveno
  3. i will be getting the car back tuesday , i suspect with no fault found , if it happens when i get it back then i will be going back to motability and declaring it not fit for purpose , armed with yet more video evidence , it almost seems as though the dealer does not want to fix it for cost reasons
  4. so , this aint going good , the dealer cant replicate the fault , seems strange unless it has genuinely gone away ( possible of course ) , i am due to get the car back tuesday and then we will see , i have proof ( video ) the fault exists but motability seem happy to accept the dealer saying no fault found , tuesday onwards should be interesting
  5. and i thought i had it rough with a mangled leg , hope it works out for you
  6. hi , a courtesy car will be supplied and no it is not adapted , i can just imagine the service guys face when i tell him what motability say !!!! , how long have you been trying to get DLA ? , it took me 3 goes before i got it
  7. so , as predicted the fault did not show up , motability have told me to go back to the dealers and insist they keep the car till the fault shows up , that should be interesting to say the least edit - thought i would go out and check the car out to see if it was working , just made my first proof video of it not working
  8. it is a ford cmax , will check the vosa site out
  9. yes they will have it for the day , what i suspect will happen is they will look at it and find it working then declare it ok , the nightmare will then begin , lets see what tomorrow brings and i willl post back with the outcome
  10. it is getting looked at tomorrow , i just have the overwhelming feeling they will give it back saying 'no fault found' , just looking for opinions if that is the case , do i get straight onto motability as in effect my contract is with them not the dealer it is going to
  11. i have a motability car that has a defective interior fan , the problem is , it only works when it wants to , and there is no pattern to when it works or not , how many times would you let a dealer look at it and call no fault found before you contacted motability about it ? , it might seem a small issue till you think about boiling in the summer and freezing in the winter
  12. Court lets woman off £8,000 loan - General Discussion - Digital Spy Forums not sure if this is the right place for this , if not then please move it mods
  13. it is nothing to do with paying what you owe , it is down to the underhand tactics of DCA's , i.e. expecting people just to pay up with no proof but a letter with lots of empty threats and red lettering everywhere , now , be constructive or go away , your choice
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