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  1. I went to the Hosp. yesterday and I have been discharged They checked my sight, which is fine. Quite good now. Pressure behind my eye is normal about 14? I told them of all these dam floaters. This was explained that these are little bits from the laser and that they should settle in time. I do hope so as did not have these before and they are so annoying! I told them my eye aches and is sore at times, not all the time and they explained that the tear ducts are not working properly yet? I should have told her, they work fine as I was crying buckets directly after
  2. Thank you very much for the draft letter. Yes that describes how I would like it worded. I shall certainly mention at the appt. on Wednesday about the floaters. Many thanks again Ouch
  3. Thank you for your replies. I would like to know why the pain and which made me jump, why I was told not to blink when I had absolutely no feelings that I was! Also when I told the surgeon it was hurting why did he continue. Why not a few more more numbing drops to keep me more comfortable? As to being anxious. It was more "fear of the unknown". When you lay down the Surgeon says hello and then the next thing is you see a scalple coming towards your eye - I was fine as I thought that's it the worst is over. I have to go back to the hosp. Wednesday this is for my eyes to be t
  4. Hello Thank you for your advice. As I have never complained in such a way before do you know if a doctor/nurse would be reprimanded in any way? Thank you Ouchithurt
  5. I went to see my optician this morning. I did not explain my experiance before the examination At the end he said that it was a very neat job and that my sight is fine I mentioned that it still aches a bit, he said that it was 3 weeks since the op. and to give it another few weeks. When I returned home I had a letter from the Surgeon, in reply to my original letter, with a copy to PALS. He emphasises that I was an extremely anxious patient. I was worried but more of the unknown as I had been assured I would not feel anything. The sharpe pain "I apparently felt was subconjun
  6. Thank you both very much for your advice Yes I am taking this slowly at first as my eye does need to settle down to start with. I have made an appointment with my optician as he is a nice chap and very thorough At the moment apart from a little bit of aching I think I am ok - it's just that if I hav to have my other eye operated on I will be quite frightened, even if they knock me out! I have written to PALs with a copy of this letter to the Surgeon. Once I have had my eye examined and chat genrally with my optician, then I will have to decide whether to make a "formal" co
  7. I attended my GP and gave him a copy of the letter I had sent to PALs and also the Surgeon. He seemed just to file this, listened, but did not make any suggestions nor have a look at my eye and told me to let him know how things go. I think I am now going to make an appointment with my optician so that he can actually look into my eye. At the moment my eye is fine. It does ache from time to time, but it is still early days.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am pleased that I am doing this correctly. Yes I will go to my GP next week. At the moment my eye is coming along fine. I was concerned about possible damage to my sight - but that seems to be ok at the moment. Physically I think I will be ok but it was how I felt during and after the op. I will never never consent to a local anasthetic again neither will I advise anyone else to go through this. My next appointment is for the eye test in October. Once this has been carried out I am not sure whether to attend another Surgeon on a private basis outside my a
  9. ouchithurt

    Pain during Op.

    Hello I would like some advice please. Last week I had a cataract operation under local anesthetic. Towards the end of the procedure I really did feel pain and jumped. The surgeon told me to be still! Shortly after this on two further occasions I again felt pain and shouted from underneath the face covering. The surgeon said he was nearly finished. I was blinking and he told to stop blinking! I had no control over my eye. By the time the procedure was finsihed I was a quivering wreck! I was so upset and crying. I just wanted to go. Back on the ward my blood pressure was something like 202/
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