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  1. Hi all. Parked this morning at our Asda store, which used to have a refundable pay and display, then they got rid of it, but I hadn't realised it had been reinstated a few weeks ago. I returned to my car to find the warden about to put a ticket on my window. He said if I sent them a copy of my receipt to show I shopped in asda they will waive the fee. Now normally I'd ignore the parking ticket as it's not NCP or a council one, but should I wait for something in the post and then appeal? I'm just wary of starting any correspondence with them.
  2. We received one of those today as well, also because of a hospital carpark. I'm just ignoring it
  3. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/dragon-s-den-james-caan-s-gym-partners-left-in-a-cold-sweat-tele-81d7e4766e9c.html?x=0 Oh dear....... The NuYuu Facebook page is littered with disgruntled customers and ex staff. Some things never change.
  4. Wow. Nearly a year on and still the same old problems, including a lack of communication. And I thought they were supposed to be different. Good luck Abigail
  5. Yes, that looks like the address I was given. Hope you get your refund! Gyms are so much hassle. I don't think I'll join one again. Would rather pay as i go, and keep control of it myself.
  6. That's odd, as that's not the address I was given!
  7. And there IS a head office. I think i eventually got the address from someone at the gym. It's in London somewhere. Let me know if you need it, and I'll try and dig it out
  8. Hi Samba. I had the exact same problem trying to contact them. Left messages, nobody got back. And the staff at the gym didn't have contact details either. I did get emails back from the MD, but in the end I decided letters sent by recorded delivery were the answer, and that seemed to work. Keep copies of all letters. Good luck.
  9. It wasn't clear from your posting that people with the all sites membership could cancel immediately. If that's the case, then that's great and there is no problem.
  10. I'm sorry but this doesn't seem right at all. When people signed up for a particular membership, they specifically signed up to use more than one premises. As LA Fitness are no longer honouring that, and as NuYuu can't honour it, then people should be entitled to cancel their memberships at no penalty to themselves. If they wanted to just use one gym, then they would have signed up just to use one gym in the first place. But they didn't. I spoke to Consumer Direct about this, and they agreed that people are not getting what they signed up for, and it therefore means there has been a breac
  11. I doubt you'll be able to do much. When you buy almost anything in Ikea, you have to buy all the components separately, and it probably would have said somewhere that it didn't include the slats. I'd check that first
  12. Pleased to say that I have been refunded by my bank, and all seems to have been concluded now
  13. Hi Hannah, I sent you a private message about this
  14. You need to contact your bank and they'll start the process for you. To stop it happening in the future? Don't know! Don't join a gym?! I was actually enjoying using mine
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