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  1. can anyone tell me how long it takes for redress as my complaint has now been upheld now for for 9 wks and fos keep trying 2 get them to send me an offer but nothing is happening yet and fos now say it is time 2 consider additional compensation has anyone heard of this happening before many thanks tyne
  2. thanks very much for your help and i hope this helps anyone else going after littlewoods many thank tyne
  3. Thanks it is 8 yrs money i have been awarded 8% per annum as well as all my premiums do i get interest on top off those as well thanks
  4. At last got a final decision from the fos upheld in my favour i have sent off the acceptance slip so now just waiting on aviva contacting me with my offer does anyone know how long that might take many thanks
  5. hi well done on your success i have had mine with the fos since february 2010 it was upheld by my adjudicator august 2010 but now waiting for a final decision from an ombudsman had to go through the underwriters though but i am glad to see they are now paying back hopefully i wont be waiting too long now enjoy you win
  6. Hi not posted for a while as i have been waiting on a decision by an ombudsman , my adjudicator upheld this in august 2010 but aviva appealed the decision so now still waiting anyone know how long this might take TYNE
  7. i just ithought i would let everyone know that my complaint is now with aviva who r littlewoods underwriter the fos redirected my complaint to them they have written to me to say i will hav a decision in 10 working days if they refuse the fos say i can then complain about then so fingers crossed will let u know of final decision tyne
  8. for everyone chasing littlewoods for their extra care 500 i have been in touch with fos and they seem to think it might be norwich union insurance who r responsible so all my stuff is now at fos so i hope this might b of help to anyone chasing littlewoods and if anybody has had success let me know tyne
  9. thanks once again for your help i will do that monday morning i am not giving up with them as i know it was mis sold to me i am unemployed and was at the time they said i took out the insurance which i hav no memory of at all thanks again TYNE
  10. No i have never made a claim on the ppi,thanks for that i will be sending off a SAR, is their a template letter i can use ,also do you know if anyone else has won against LITTLEWOODS thank you once again for your help TYNE
  11. just recieved responce letter saying they do not agree with me i old them i have been unemployed since 1979 so they then said that they did not realise it was for unemployment and they would look at it again 2nd letter stating that they will still not refund as they do not agree with me as the cover was also for sickness how is this possible as i do not get sick pay or wages i said to them and they said wee sent you a insurance note 3 wks ago that is a lie as i did not get this and never hav had any documents from them so they r now just telling me to go away basically but i dont know what to
  12. hi thanks for ur help today i foned them n they said they r looking into it and mentioned a goodwill payment then said they will b investigating it more as two weeks ago i spoke to someone who said they would send me a cheque for last months payment then 2day said they dont do that is gets credited to your account i will give them 1 week then ask for all my statements back i already have 2 years
  13. Hi I Am New Here I Am Trying To Claim Back Insurance Payments I Know Was Mis Sold To Me As I Have Not Worked Since 1979 Never Signed Any Thing Anybody Ever Had To Do This With Littlewoods And Got Their Money Back
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