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  1. I've written another letter to BG Business and have also reported the problem to Consumer Direct. Also going to raise a complaint with BG Business.
  2. Hi all, I’m having a few issues with British Gas Business. I moved into a 1 bed flat in March 2006 and I am still here. Before I moved in, the property was an office or business of some sort. When I moved in the Letting Agents made arrangements with all the various utility companies. After I was here for a month, I got a bill from BG Business. I called them and stated this was a residential property. They said they would correct this and remove the standing charge. It took them until January 2008 to do this despite my repeated requests to switch it to Residential. However, for t
  3. I've just got a letter from them today about an outstanding bill with British Gas Business (which I am in dispute with). I spoke to them and they are not a nice bunch and just want you to pay even if the account is in dispute!
  4. Well I never! Fredrickson have sent me a letter dated 11/02/10. The last letter stated they were going back to Premier Man and that was on or around the 14th October 2009. This new letter states the following: "Dear Sir/Madam, You have failed to make an acceptable repayment proposal on this account. It is not in your interest to ignore this letter. THIS DEBT WILL NOT GO AWAY. Contact us now with your proposals for settlement." There is no CCA in the letter and it just seems as though it is a standard letter that the computer has chucked out rather than anyone taking th
  5. Hi all. Well, I haven't heard anything from Fred's or Premier Man. The 12+2 days & now the extra 30 days have also passed. Does this mean I'm off the hook with this now?
  6. I just got a letter from Fred's paying that they will have to go back to Premier Man & get back to me once they have instructions. Is there anything they can do as they have failed to get a CCA to me within the 12+2 days. Infact it has been 7 days beyond that date?
  7. Well, the 12 days + 2 was up yesterday & nothing has come through! Should I just leave it or should I contact them or the OFT etc?
  8. It was a card, but it was in an envelope. I would not be happy if they had sent just a postcard without an envelope.
  9. Hi all, Well the latest is, they have sent a card through my letter box stating I'm a confirmed resident and that if I am not in contact with them, they will forward the matter to a solicitor who may take legal action without further notice to myself. This Wednesday is their deadline to get a copy of the CCA to me, i.e. their 12 working days plus 2 are up. What would be my situation from that point onwards? Thanks.
  10. Hi. Again thanks for all the replies. The letter in question is as follows: LETTRE BEFORE ACTION THIS DEBT MUST BE PAID IN FULL TO THESE OFFICES WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS OTHERWISE WE WILL TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. If a judgement or decree remains unsatisfied a bailiff or sheriff's officer may be instructed to recover assets to discharge the outstanding debt. Judgement debts are registered by the Court. A judgement debt or decree against you would seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. This is only the second letter they have sent to me. The first
  11. Hi all, I have sent letter template 18 to Fred's and a request for a Complaints Procedure from Premier Man / JD Williams. I sent these recorded last Tuesday lunchtime, but still haven't had anything back as of yet. However, Fred's have sent me a letter today stating that if I don't pay within 7 days they will get a court order to enter the premises and size goods to the value of the debt plus costs; somewhere in the region of £1200! Shall I just wait for them to reply to me reference the request for the CCA or do I need to write to them further? Thanks everybody. PS - I may t
  12. Thanks for the info. Should I ask Premier Man / Reliable Collections for the Complaints Procedure or Fredrickson International Ltd? Also, are there any good template CCA's on this site or elsewhere? Thanks
  13. Hello everybody. I am new to this forum although I have looked at it in the past. I have a problem and wonder if anyone can help me out. The first half of this story is on Money Saving Expert site http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=1699647&highlight= And it was suggested that I ask you guys on this forum as you are better suited to this sort of situation. My last correspondence with them is as follows: “I have written to you a number of times stating that this account is not mine. I have had one letter back from a Ms. Sue Worley which told
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