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  1. Got a reply from CarParts4Less. I sent them an email very much along the lines that labrat had written. They say they will not assist me any further! Chargeback it is then.
  2. Thank you for all the replies and information / advice. Labrat, I love the letter and will use something very much like that, Thank you very much.
  3. Well, I have a reply from my email stating that they are legally wrong & got this response: Dear Sir Thank you for your email We have spoken to our Manager and in this instance as a gesture of goodwill we will refund £5.00 off postage as per our terms and conditions the parts that are being returned are sent back at the customers own cost. We have closed this matter on our end. Kind Regards Customer Service Team Car Parts 4 Less
  4. Thanks for the link. This is what I looked at before and what I have quoted to them. But they still say it is down to me to pay for the return and they as a gesture of goodwill will take £5 off the postage. They just don't seem to understand this. They keep quoting their T&C's, which at best state I am liable for postage if I changed my mind and broke the contract by not wanting the item (But this would only apply if the item was the correct part). But the item is wrong and I have looked into this further. I have the part number that is need for my car and they give the part number f
  5. Hi all, I purchased a clutch kit for my vehicle from CarParts4Less through their website. Their website allows you to enter your registration number and it will only bring up suitable parts for your car. However, when the garage went to fit the clutch, it wouldn't go and they looked into it and said they have sent the wrong clutch. After further investigation, the part number on their website is for a VW Golf gearbox, whereas I have a Seat Toledo. In essence, they are the same car under the skin (engine, switch gear etc), but the gearbox is different. It appears that CarParts4Less ar
  6. Hi gfoxsteve. The last letter I had was from another debt collector which I sent back a standard letter telling them it was unlawful to chase me when the account is in dispute. That was almost a year ago and I haven't heard anything since then. If I go by one of the letters they sent me, they are trying to re-coop costs that built up 7 years ago. If I go by the others it is 4 years ago. They have no clue what they are doing. If you have disputed the account and they go to a debt collection agency, they are unlawful in doing this. So you will have a run of debt collection agencies after
  7. Thanks for all the replies, info and advice. I will follow it up with an email to the CEO. As I said above I had broadband working here via BT for about a month in the middle of all this. The engineer told me that the line had come undone and was in contact with another line! I have also been told that a BT Homehub will only work with broadband provided via BT and not a TPS (Not sure if this is true or not). In any eventuality, it took them 5 months to sort it out, which even as a good will gesture should negate the £130 fee. As for a new build, the house is about 15 - 20 years old a
  8. I now have a working phoneline and broadband from BT. But it took 5 months to sort and I was told they needed to install a new phoneline. However, the engineer told me there was a fault at the exchange and a line is already in existence. BT were adamant that a new line needed to be installed. But as said above, for a few weeks I had working Broadband with a BT Homehub and that was without any work being done to my house or the exchange. The way I see it, there was a fault at BT's end and they are trying to charge me and seem to try and confuse me with mixed information.
  9. Hi all, I have a small problem with BT. Just over 7 months ago we moved into a newhouse (rented). I needed to change mydetails with BT who said they could keep my number as I was staying in the samevillage. However they said that I wouldhave to pay £130 for a line to be installed. They arranged for an engineer to come out the following week. This engineer did not turn up! The next engineer turned up without anappointment, but spoke to the guys next door who said the house already has a phoneline! I have received bills for theprevious tenant, so I plugged my BT home hub in and
  10. Hi, I was never registered as a business. The letting agents set everything up with the new suppliers (BGB) when I moved in. I informed BGB that it was not a business and they said they would transfer it to residential. But this took them two years and a lot of phone calls from me to them to do this. So everything is private addressed. I have worked out my useage over the last two years of living at the old address with BGR (actual readings) and averaged them out over the period I was with BGB. At best, it looks like I may owe them £150 - £200. However, as the bill came through tw
  11. After almost 1 year of silence from these guys, A new collection agency is now on the case demanding full payment within 5 days! Oh joy, here we go again!
  12. Hello everybody. I complained to the regulators about this and heard nothing from BG Business or their debt collectors until a month before Christmas. Great timing! A new company has joined the battle called Past Due. Gave them the usual letter, but got one back saying they will put their account on hold for 14 days whilst they investigate with BG Business. The response I got was to get in touch with BG Business about the dispute. I did this via a letter and heard nothing until the week between Christmas and New Year. Again from Past Due (Nothing from BG Business),
  13. A letter will be going into the post today. I don't have any bills from Spain as the house was not connected to water or electricity. However, my credit card statments will show transactions in Spain. I will ask them for proof of delivery address and also payment details. Thanks for your help.
  14. Hi all I now have a number of letters from Moorcroft. The first is dated the 06/12/10 and confirms that they have put the account on hold. The other letters I have now just got as I went away on the 08/12/10 and only returned yesterday. These are as follows: Later dated 09/12/10 - Moorcroft have confirmed with JD Williams that the last three payments were made to them in 2008 and that the purchases were made in 2008. All this states are the item ordered and the amounts that were paid. They again ask me to contact with a repayment plan. Letter dated 21/12/10 - They now s
  15. Super stuff. Now Moorcroft have taken over the case. Got a letter from their Pre-Court Division asking for payment by 10am 01/12/10. Off goes the next setr of letters!
  16. Well, nothing more from Paladin, but they have sent the account off to a solicitors requesting payment within 7 days! The dates they are claiming for has yet again changed. I have written the same letter to the solicitor that I sent to Paladin, but also stated that I have written to Paladin stating that the account is in dispute. Does anybody know what I can do about this to put a stop to it. I'm getting sick and tired of these letters coming through every other month demanding money for electricity that I have not used. Also the fact that British Gas sent me one bill in January and th
  17. Hi All, It’s been a long time but it’s all started again! After having nothing since February, I have now had two letters from Paladin wanting payment within 14 days and then the second letter dated a day later wanting payment within 7 days! I’ve got the standard letter printed out to send out to them. But this is the thing, the dates that Paladin are claiming for, are before I even moved in. This was previously a business address and was converted into a residential property. I moved in at the end of March 2005. But the dates they are claiming for are from July 2004 to March 20
  18. Well, Meritforce really took notice of my letter. They have sent me a new letter saying I have 7 days in which to pay and that Premier Man will accept a figure of some £200 less and over monthly £10 installments. But, they've also sent a text message to my mobile (which I have never given to them) saying to contact them immediately. I have sent letters to the OFT and TS, but yet to hear anything from either. I think some phone calls are in order tomorrow!
  19. Consider that done. The letter will be drafted and sent to the OFT and TS on Monday.
  20. Yes, they are collecting on behalf of Premier Man. I have sent via recorded delivery and unsigned the letter stating that I know nothing of the debt and that they need to supply me with evidence of a CCA. I have also pointed out that Premier Man have done this before with Freds and that they have closed there files.
  21. Well, indeed this has been passed on. Meritforce have just sent me their first letter telling me they "are" going to send a collector to my door in the next 10 days. Well, good luck with that guys. Here I go again!
  22. So I may have to go through it all again?!! Surely if this happens, I could threaten Premier Man with legal proceedings for harassment?
  23. Yee Haa! I have just got a letter from Freds saying they have been instructed to not to carry out any further actions and that their files are closed. I am going to send them the template letter complaining about it though. Many thanks to everybody that helped me out with this, I would have been stomped if it were not for this website and the people on it.
  24. Blimey. BGB are really going for it. They send a bill (the first one) 5 weeks ago, I dspute it. They send another bill 3 weeks ago, I dispute it in writing. EAGR send me a letter saying they own the debt & to pay by the 26th Feb (dated the 23rd which was when I got the letter from EAGR). I dispute it, they say their manager will call back (never has). Now on the 26th I have another letter from another debt collector (Experto Credite) saying pay in full or else they'll send someone round, issue a CCJ and then enforce with a warrant of execution.
  25. I'm having the same problem with these guy's and will be looking into reporting them. I'm fairly sure they are an In=House company though.
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