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  1. Hello,


    Well, I didn’t think I’d be looking at this thread again after all this time!


    I have not heard anything from anyone with regard to this dispute until today! This is the first correspondence in over 7.5 years.


    The letter has come from PRA group. It is a statement of account with the original amount as the outstanding amount.


    I am wondering if I need to do anything about this, ignore it or take some form of legal action.


    Image of letter attached below.

    British Gas Dispute Feb 2019.jpg

  2. Thank you for the info. provided above. I have a good friend in Romania (who is also Romanian) who has filed for compensation for herself and husband from Tarom before. I'll ask her if she has any info. too. I'll report on what happens as it may happen to other people in the future.


    Tarom, have agreed to pay, but just not into one bank account. Not that they told me this until a lot of chasing.

  3. Good afternoon,


    I am wondering if somebody can point me in the right direct.


    Last summer myself, my wife and our son (13 at the time) flew to Romania with Tarom (Heathrow to Bucharest). Our flight landed almost 6 hours late.


    On our return, I filed a claim for compensation for the three of us at 400 Euro’s per person. After 3 months, Tarom eventually replied to me with an apology and an offer of 450 Euro’s per person in vouchers. I refused this and insisted upon a cash alternative via bank transfer under Regulation EU261. Tarom agreed to compensate 400 Euro’s per person and asked for my bank details, which I have supplied. However, after another 3 weeks, they only paid 400 Euro’s. I have emailed them twice since to ask about the remaining 800 Euro’s. Today, I got a reply stating the following:


    “Under the Romanian Law (we are a Romanian Company) we can make the payment directly to the passenger.

    In order to make the payment for Mrs. XXXX and Mr. XXXX we need the following bank details of the passengers.”


    Is this information correct, or are they trying to delay payment further? I can’t imagine that an airline pays each member of a family separately e.g. a family package holiday. Our son does not have a bank account, so I can’t give them any bank details for him, although he is entitled to compensation too.


    Many thanks

  4. There is no payment machine on the street - I would definitely mention that in any appeal letter. Although it's not enough on its own to get the PCN cancelled, it is a factor - if the machine was on the other side of the road, then they could assume you had stood there and looked over to where your car is, thereby seeing the correct signs. The fact that you have to exit the road to pay for your parking does add some weight to your case.


    That's correct, the machine is on the other road and the arrows on the signage that I mention all point toward that machine and away from the correct signage. Even looking back at the car, the angle, distance and general amount of vehicles, trees, hedges, houses etc make the sign blend into the background clutter.

    I know after it was pointed out that I had parked on the wrong side of the road and I freely admit that. But as said the signs I saw all indicated pay and display. The sign saying not to park here is a sneaky ways back.

  5. It's an easy mistake to make, but signs for parking restrictions only apply to that side of the street.


    You must make an informal appeal within 14 days, explain the circumstances and ask they use their discretion this one time.


    TBH, it's unlikely they will allow your appeal, but the discount will be re-offered if they reject.



    I only work in London every now and then and hadn't realised that parking signage is for one side only.

    I haven't seen it before in other locations, so was news to me (no excuse I know).


    The warden who gave me the ticket (who was friendly and helpful) did hint that they do get quite a few people

    who park in the last two or three spaces of that road as people see the sign opposite first

    and then the other sign I over the road. Sneaky positioning I think...

  6. Thanks for the reply,


    Once the signs were pointed out, it became clear.



    On the first street view link below I parked on the right-hand-side at the very end of the bay

    (behind the Volvo that is parked there).



    I drove in from the opposite end of the road and saw the free space at the end.

    As you can see from street view, there is a sign on the opposite side of the road (2nd link)

    which states ‘permit holders or pay at machine’.



    I saw this sign and another one near the machine stating the same thing.

    I did not see the sign on the side I parked as it is a good couple of car lengths from the end of the bay,

    whereas the pay at machine sign is right at the end of the bay.



    Plus, as I said, the pay at machine sign has arrows directing you to the machine which is in Lurline Gardens.

    I also saw the sign there saying pay at machine.

    It never occurred to me to walk back down the road to read each and every sign.





  7. Hello everybody,


    I am after some advice with regards to appealing a Penalty Charge Notice.


    I was doing some work for a client at one of their rental properties in Battersea (Cupar Road).

    I turned into Cupar Road from Battersea Park Road and drove to the end

    where I saw a parking space on the left (and coincidently right by the house I was working on).



    As I got out of the car I saw the sign saying “Permit Holders or Pay at machine”.

    Underneath there was an arrow directing you to the nearest ticket machine.



    In that direction, was another sign stating the same thing; Permit holders or pay at machine.

    I went to the machine and got the parkmobile location number and started my parking via the phone app.


    About 30 minutes into my parking, I see a traffic warden putting a ticket on my car with a Code 12

    and for a cost of £130!!!



    I said I had parked via parkmobile and showed him the running app on the phone.

    He responded that I have parked on the wrong side of the road!

    Permit holders only on one side and a mixture on the other!



    I pointed at the sign when I pulled up (which is right opposite the end space where I had parked.

    He said, I need to check the other sign (which was about 10 – 15 yards back down the road,

    in the opposite direction of the ticket machine and the arrows on the other signs).

    I saw the sign as I got out of the car and another one just over the road both saying pay at machine.


    The warden noted it was a genuine error and I had paid to park.

    He also recognised that I am not a resident and just doing some work there.



    He advised me to appeal and he would write a note saying I was working,

    so not familiar with the area and parking restrictions.



    He took photos of the car and the black bags I had lined up to show that we had chatted

    and that I was working on the house and not a resident.

    He said in all likelihood, the PCN would be overturned.


    I also took photos of the car with the sign right opposite the car, which would be the first signage you saw from the car,

    then backed up with a second sign a little toward the ticket machine which is directly in front of the car.



    It never occurred to me that there would be a third sign lurking a bit further down the road

    saying permit holders only or that parking on one side of the road or the other made a difference.

    I hadn’t come across this parking arrangement before (Live in a small village in Sussex).



    In my mind, the signage doesn’t make it particularly clear that you have to park on one side of the road or the other.

    Plus, the positioning of the signs;

    One right at the end saying pay at machine with arrows toward the machine

    and another in the opposite direction saying permit holders only.



    As the machine was at the top of the road and that another sign was there inviting you to pay,

    I had no reason to walk down the road.



    In my mind, I saw two signs saying pay at machine and that I could pay and park.


    Many thanks

  8. Completion of the job within the 3 days was made impossible by no prior packing to our arrival and the sheer unorganised chaos at both ends. Thing is, I get a text from her husband the following monday asking if I can do another load and how much will it cost. I reply that I can't due to being booked, but could pass on details to someone that could help. So I don't think it is a case of job completion. It's more a case of looking for someone to blame for their own shortcomings.

  9. Andydd. I got nothing back from them and they verbally agreed on at least two separate occasions. A few years ago I took someone through the small claims for not paying. Agreed verbally and I sent an email with all costs etc. The chap said he never got the email, but the judge said that didn't matter as he agreed I do the work via telephone. He should have chased up for a note about t&c's. I think this maybe the same case here. Although, it's not the cost so much that has baked her biscuit, it's the fact I couldn't help after the 3 days. As said in my opening statement, if everything was packed and ready to go etc, the job would have been completed. Like booking in a kitchen fitter and when they turn up, you haven't even purchased the kitchen yet!

  10. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    In question to a contract. I sent her an email breaking down the costs of the quote and overtime costs beyond the 8 hours per day. I also stated that all boxes needed to be packed, labelled, marked as fragile etc. She stated to me several times she was going to pack with a lady that does her cleaning, babysitting etc. She even asked me where she can buy boxes, but obviously £200 for more than enough boxes was a too much. I backed the email up with a phone call and said that I have sent an email with everything in writting. She seemed a bit hacked off that I had put it in writting (now I know why).

    She now says she didn't get time to read the email before moving day, but did call me the night before to see what time we would arrive. So I assumed she had read and therefore agreed to the t&c's.

  11. Hello All,


    I have a little predicament at the moment. I did a house move for a friend a few weeksago with a couple of guys I use on a sub-contract basis. Long and short of it is they are refusing topay me because of the problems they had thereafter. The points are:


    · My quoted price for the move was £1280 over 3days (Saturday to Monday) with 3 men working (including myself). The old house is a large detached 4 bedroomhouse with a large out building. Bothbuildings are crammed with stuff. She isa chronic hoarder and never throws anything away. There are my friends andtheir 5 children living there. They aremoving to an enormous 8 bedroom house 6.5 miles away.


    · The new house is down a narrow driveway with lowover hanging trees, therefore a 7.5t lorry was out of the question, so a Lutonvan was used instead, but it was still a tight space.


    · 2 days before the move, my friend tried tocancel the two guys I use in favour of her teenage nephew (who is mega lazy andonly managed the first day).


    · I send an email to her stating that 1, I havebooked them in for the move and 2, there is no way I am doing the job withoutthem. I also state T&C’s i.e. boxesto be clearly marked and well packed, pricing breakdown with overtime costs forthe two guys (I said overtime I do over the 8 hours will be free). I back up this email with a phone call.


    · She agrees to two days for the guys and three ifwe need them.


    · The old house is being kept by them and beingrented out the following weekend.


    · We arrive at the house and find that hardly athing has been packed. All the furniturestill has things on or in them. She hasnext to no boxes what-so-ever (50 maybe) and most are no bigger than a shoebox.


    · We did 18 van loads to the new house. With the exception of two or three loads,each load was half what it could have been because of inadequate packing andboxes and waiting for things to be packed.


    · At the new house, Nothing is organised andnobody knows where to put anything. So alot of time was wasted waiting for my friend to make up her mind where what wasgoing. And also to unpack some stuff, sowe can take empty boxes back.


    · After three 12+ hour days there are still 2 or 3van loads to come over, but the van needs to be off hired and a lot stillneeded to be packed into boxes!


    · At the end of the third day after the last loadwas made (at approx. 10pm), the lady who was packing put a bucket and carrierbags by the van with all the stuff from the fish tank and told us that was allthe fish stuff. We take it to the house,but the fish were not at the new house or in one of the bags we brought over,which we assumed they were. My friendblows her top and shouts and swears at us. As we have finished for the day and for the job, we both leave. I was going to stay and help out, but beingsworn at by someone acting like a spoilt child, I wasn’t interested in helpinganymore. Her husband apologised to mefor her behaviour, but no apology from her. I then get blamed by her for the children not getting to school that dayand also that she wanted to have a meal with her children, but we arrived withanother van load making that impossible (not that she did a thing all weekendbut run around like a headless chicken).


    · When I get home, I have a shower and in thattime I see that she has called 3 times over 4 minutes leaving messages aboutthe keys for the house. Each messagegetting more and more heated. I get a text from her husband to say he remembersme giving him the keys and thanking me for the help. Therefore, I do not call back as the reasonfor the phone calls was resolved, plus it was close to midnight.


    · I put an invoice in the post the next day for£1430 including the overtime for the two guys and sticking to my offer of notcharging over the 8 hours for myself.


    · The following week I get a text from her husbandasking if I can do another van full before the weekend and how much would itcost. I respond saying I can’t fit it inas I am extremely busy. I say I will aska friend if they can do it for them. Ihear nothing back.


    · I then get a voicemail from them saying that weneed to speak and they have been trying to call for the last week (one missedphone call). They are not happy as theyhad lots left over and that I behaved in an awful way over the move and didn’tact like a friend!


    · They are refusing to pay me a penny and stillwant me to meet with them so they can shout at me about how I behaved and why Ididn’t help them after the move!


    · I have paid the two guys and also paid for thevan hire and the fuel, totalling just over £1000. This is all out of my own pocket. As a result, I have been left extremely shortof cash for the rest of this month and have had to borrow money from a friendto help pay my rent.


    Going through the small claims court is a last resort, butit is looking that is my only option. They are being completely unreasonable in my opinion. The house move could have been completed wellwithin the 3 days if they were organised and had the house packed up ready togo and knew where they wanted everything at the other end. Also having suitable boxes and enough boxesfor the job. As said the van could havemuch more stuff loaded in to it if we had proper boxes to pack and stack. But it was almost as if we were moving eachitem one by one. As it turned out, shereally didn’t want to spend any money on boxes. £200 on packing materials is a drop in the ocean as their new house isvalued at £1.3 million and their old house which they are keeping is valued atjust under a million, plus they have another 3 bedroom house they rent outwhich is worth £400,000. So all in allapprox. £2.5 – 3 million in property assets, but too tight to buy boxes.


    In your opinions, if I do have to go to court, does it soundas though I would have a good case?


    The three main points are:

    1) Nothing packed prior to our arrival.

    2) Not enough boxes and/or unsuitable boxes.

    3) No organisation at the new house as to whereeverything is going (very little was labelled).


    OK fourth point:

    4) Been shouted and sworn at over nothing.


    On another note, I asked a local removal company what theirpolicy is if they turn up to a house and nothing is packed. They state they do not do the job as theirT&C’s have been breached, they keep the deposit and walk away.


    Many thanks.

  12. Hi all,


    I hired a van from a local company a few weeks ago. We both inspected the vehicle, but just a 30second walk around. The guy didn’t evenhave a pen and marked out the form (with the cc) with a key! When the van was returned (out of hours), Ipopped the keys through the letterbox as per their instructions. The next day I went away to visit mygirlfriends grandparents who live in very rural Romania. There is no phone reception or internetconnection. The nearest town is a good30 – 45 minute drive away. Anyhow, mostpeople know I am away and just leave messages on my phone knowing I will pickthem up upon my return.


    I have just returned home to find a number of messages fromthe hire company telling me there was damage to the drivers side sill and it will cost £500to repair. I have no knowledge ofdamaging the van or hitting anything to cause this damage. And to be honest, neither I nor the chap whoI walked around the van with really checked the sills. There were the usual dents, scratches andscuff marks which is typical for most of the vans from this company (I haveused them many times before).


    I have no written correspondence from the hire company, justtelephone messages. They state they havealerted the police to the circumstances as I have not retuned any messages forthe past 3 weeks (reasons stated above).


    Now, do I have a leg to stand on with regards to disputingthe damage? When I paid for the van, Ipaid cash and they didn’t take any card details. However, they have been through their recordsand have taken two lots of £50 from my account over the last 2 weeks using card details I have used with thempreviously. Do they have the right to dothis? And if so, do they have the rightto keep taking money after they have taken one payment. It turns out they took £100 from a client ofmine last week who I hired a van for some time ago where he paid directly viahis card, but they have refunded this to him.


    Any suggestions for my next move?


    Many thanks

  13. Finally this has been resolved. Carparts4less collected the item via a Eurocarparts driver. Got the full refund today. I wrote a very harsh letter pointing out the various legal terms for they are responsible and pointed out the floors in their own T&C's.


    Not impressed with their service in any way and also the banks conduct in this issue.


    Many thanks to all your input and helping out with various legal points :)

  14. I'll ask Halifax for them. The first guy told me that if the item that turned up was incorrect, then I could claim and then after emailed the David Nicholas, I get told that I could only claim if the item did not turn up. I was also told that the CAB, Trading Standards etc know that you can only claim chargeback if an item does not arrive. Does it make much difference if the card is a Visa Debit?


    I have also written a letter to CarParts4Less pointing out their T&C's and that they state I have to pay if "I cancel the contract" and what they need to do if the item is mis-represented and copied the OFT statement.


    So now, it's a waiting game!

  15. Marvellous! Just heard back from my card issuer (Halifax) and they say there is nothing they can do. Chargeback only works if I had not received the goods. They argue, that I have received goods that I ordered and paid for, therefore, CarParts4Less have kept their end of the contract!


    CarParts4Less even refuse to speak to me now. I fear if I send the clutch back, they will come up with more excuses and I will never see my money again.

  16. I've stated this to them about the T&C's and their clause only applies if I cancel the contract. I also sent them that link you (rebel11) gave me to them and pointed out that it is down to them to pay for postage.


    I await their reply to that. I did think about asking them what they would do if I ordered a clutch and they sent me a set of brake disc's. Would I be liable for the return postage then? I bet it is because I have ordered a clutch from their site and the clutch I ordered has arrived. But as we know, is not fit for purpose that it is advertised for.

  17. Just had a look at their tT&C's. They have sent me 5.3.2 as their compnay policy. But if you read 5.3 onwards, 5.3.2 only applies if I cancel the contract! I haven't cancelled the contract.


    5.3 To cancel a Contract, you must:


    5.3.1 inform us in writing;


    5.3.2 return the Goods to us, in the same condition in which you received them with the original packaging and the product documentation, and at your own cost and risk. The Goods must not have been used and, where applicable, must not have been removed from the sealed clear packaging. This includes electrical items, which are supplied in sealed clear packaging; and

  18. The card is a visa debit from halifax. I have spoken to the CAB and they have said I am in the right as they have supplied me with the incorrect information. They advise to apply for a copy of their complaints procedure & get the name and address of their MD. I know it's only £25 - £30, but it's he principal of it all and them being so uncooperative is making me more determined to fight it out. Not just for me but all consumers who get dumped on by idiotic companies.

  19. Right, just spoken to my card issuer and they claim I can't make a claim. They say because the part number they advertised and the part they sent are the same, they are saying I have got what I ordered. I pointed out that they state it will fit my car and it doesn't, so it's not fit for purpose. They disagree and say I got what I ordered I.e. The part numbers match!


    Any ideas on what to do next?

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