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  1. Thats as maybe, but it doesnt get away from the fact they are not stupid. And that is my point - if you underestimate them they'll walk all over you. Im not condoning them, I think they are ****.
  2. underhand etc absolutely yes. but only a fool underestimates his enemy. Just think, before you found this forum how much did you know? less than them. Their business model works. Just because they are nasty people does not mean they are thick. I dont mean the knobs who phone you up. I mean the people who run the companies. We have to be pretty clued up to fend off this vermin. Incidently, to be deceitful you actually need to be clever. Dont confuse intelligence with education.
  3. Basically, they disregard the law. Thats why they never put anything in writing, at least nothing that you ask them to. Just send them an account in dispute letter. after that there isnothing they can do, not that there ever was. This just clarifies things. And for those who think AIC and other DCAs are stupid, they are not. They are very clever. But it doesnt mean they tell the truth or indeed have any clout.
  4. Let them blow smoke. It will be quite pungent at times. But smoke nonetheless.
  5. i think they are legit in as much as they have been "appointed" by the OC or their agent. But the do not adhere to any rules or guidelines. They will confirm nothing of substance in writing. watch out for what they dont say rather than what they do say. I have spoken to my OR who has confirmed that AIC are authroised, indeed they knew about the agreement we had reached. but certain otherdetails mentioned by AIC were total fabrication. which is why they wont confirm in writing.
  6. If the DCA states "full and final settlement" and the client says the default is "partially satisfied" can the rest of the debt be sold on. Ive never even heard of partially satisfied before.
  7. yes, i have got it in writing. they state that neither they nor the client will pursue the matetr any further and the confirm it is full and final settlement. But what is to stop someone else starting up? Just becuase they say the client wont chase is rather meaningless if they dont have the authority to make that statement.
  8. ive just had the same thing. I didnt know what it was about and so i spoke to them. they are very efficient in getting to you pay up. actually not rude. at least the person i spoke to wasnt. harsh yes, but seemingly respectful. maybe theyve learnt a new trick. anyway, i made them an offer which surprisingly they accepted. they say it will be the end of the matter. the question is, will it be the end of the matter or are they just taking a bit for themsleves then another dca will start, despite them saying thats the end of it?
  9. Despite the fact they are bottom feeders etc, can they be trusted? If you agree something with them, will that be an end to the matter? The offer is good. And that is the problem, its almost to good to be true. WHats to stop another bf coming along and starting all over again? They say that "neither they nor the client will pursue the matter any further." and they confirm that it is full and final settlement.
  10. ah, i see. you mean that the bank can satisfy a s78 request by sending rubish but it doesnt chnage the fact that they still need to produce proper docs to get a judgment?
  11. the recent ruling in Manchester effectively allowed thebanks etc to not have to provide a copy of the original document. Instead they could piece a document together from various sources. They will use this against us. However, they still need to be able to prove that you signed the agreement, a point they wil try to ignore. Theres a long thread on here somewhere - do a search for reconstituted agreements.
  12. it might be idea to include something about reconstituted agreements
  13. they dont want it to go to court. It means they risk getting a low payment over a long time. It seems better for them to sell it on to someone else. Im new to all of this and its very complicated. But like anything, its simple when you know how. If going to court would benefit them they would do it. But they dont, at least not straight away. So that tells me that they have a reason for not doing so, and it definitely isnt out of kindness. They know the reason, I am still trying to work it out. Personally, I am nt trying to get out of my debts but if i cant pay then i cant pay. And that i
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