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  1. I don't know if I'm in the right forum here so please be patient. 10 days ago I was legally parked in a side street when a large Lorry came off a main road and collided with my vehicle, damaging my rear bumper and wing and carried on down the road .I followed him and he stopped further down. We exchanged insurance details ,he admitted liability, and I drove home to ring my insurance co ( Hastings direct) who took details and passed me on to an outfit called Help Hire. To date after numerous phone calls and emails all I get is that they are waiting for admission of liability from the third
  2. Finally got the F&F from 1st Credit's solicitors, originall debt and now plus £1800 costs, the B-------ds. Of this £1300 solicitors costs payed 7 days before the BR hearing, or it will go ahead.
  3. Looks like my last post was pulled for some reason, anyway thanks Mr Grey And Mum for your input. Would the moderators kindly give me the reason for pulling my last post. Thanks
  4. I have been doing a bit of digging myself Mr Grey, Ciaran and Declan are named company officers Company address (Registered) as 43a Clarendon Road but the letter address I receved had a Hertford address. Current trading name ASSIST , Historic name ASSIST. with period. Also the oink who delivered the BR was James Teague , and when I mentioned Clarendon Road to him he denied knowledge of it.Also he denied knowledge of Declan. If you go into Google Earth , you'll see a woman sitting on the steps of no 43a holding her head in her hands. The plot thickens. Thanks for your message Mum
  5. Hi Nicklea I did say in post 22 that I had been served with a BR petition. Ever since I have been trying to pay them . They have ignored my letters , refused to take my phone calls and now I'm waiting for their solicitors to "take instructions" I think I will just send them the full amount and be done with it .
  6. An update. Tried to phone named person on the SD on Fri 1st, not in office till Mon , left message to phone me urgent on Mon 4th , no call, phoned on 4th, office closed. Phoned 1st credit, told by the usual customer relation advisor (failed) (Where do they employ these witches) that it was too late to do anything now, and I should have got in touch when I had the chance. Tried connaught again got through and was advised that Solicitors were now dealing with it . Phoned their Solicitor and was told to put my response in email . Emailed solicitor to ask what figure client would accept, e mail
  7. I'm afraid the Credit agreement was ok , and also the DN and NOA. So I had no defence really. Is it too late to offer these people a full settlement of the total amount .?
  8. Yes But!! How to comply with a SD or have it set aside. Inform the individual named in part B that you are willing and able to compound the debt , which I did.
  9. I wonder if a moderator could merge this thread with the Assist 1st Credit thread please . Thanks
  10. Hi Baby Bear, the first one was about 6 months ago for 5% of total just to test the water and it was refused. Wrote again after the SD with a £30pm offer or a 40% F&F,Two letters were sent, second one recorded , and both have been ignored .
  11. An update , a young oink arrived today from Assist and served me a bankruptcy petition. I've got a form 6.19 ready to send to the court and 1st credit solicitors with my defence to fight the petition on the grounds that I have tried to get in touch with Connought with an offer of payment, or a Full and final offer , both letters ignored. Any thing else I need to do? Don't really want to go BR for £3500.
  12. "Have you applied to get the SD set asside yet?" No I haven't Babybear and it is too late now, it's well after the 18 days allowed. As this was the second one I've had from 1st crud and the first wasn't acted on, I thought this might have been another threat from them. Still don't know who Assist Debt Recovery is though.
  13. Thanks everyone for the thumbs up I'll post when I hear some more.
  14. After the Sd I sent the named person on the SD a letter to offer A Full and Final or a payment per month, it was ignored, so sent another recorded also ignored. I'm relying on this to be my defense if they do go the Bankrupt way. Yes Bazooka i have a record from the first Default from MBNA.
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