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  1. My first thoughts were similar; that it seemed like a con to get people to upgrade their package. I have been vigilant with my usage and since i phoned BT to complain, suddenly their usage monitor has begun to behave correctly... (I have installed monitors of my own and the usage now tallies with BT's) I am still suspicious of them though, as the usage monitor was MASSIVELY innacurate until I phoned them, and it seems to be very common among those on the lowest package. I would certainly not recommend them solely for this purpose, but on the other hand, it may genuinely be a fault which
  2. Thanks, i have had third party usage monitors installed on both pc's connected for the last 4 days (since i phoned BT to question their figures). Strangely the numbers seem to now tally for the last 4 days usage, which is ok, but we didn't use any more excessive bandwidth from day to day in the week and a half previous to my call to them. I shall make sure i'm keeping a close eye the figures in future though. It makes me wonder how many other's have been caught out and paid excess usage charges, or even upgraded unnecessarily?
  3. Thanks for the replies. So it would seem i'm now stuck with a faulty service.... Surely though if there is a technical issue with BT's usage counters, they are breaching the contract which means i can cancel? I have been onto several forums, including the BT.com one, where there have been lots of people with the same issue; people being told they have exceeded their limit by "x" amount and urging them to upgrade their service. The amounts BT claim people have used seem to be numbers simly plucked out of the air and all of the people who have contacted BT regarding this have just been told to e
  4. Hi all! I recently signed up to BT for calls and broadband. The phone line was activated on 13 July, as they said it would be, but the broadband arrived late due to some "technical" problems (as BT told me). Broadband was activated on the 18 July. I have had the broadband service for 14 days today (today is the 14th day), and there is a huge problem with the usage monitor. I have a package which allows me up to 10 GB of downloads per month, which for me should be fine. I was with virgin for 3 years previous to this and have never used more than 10 GB in any given month. I received an email aft
  5. Hi all, i hope you're well. Just an update on my situation and a quick question... I have made all payments directly to wiltshire council and i am now fully paid up . However, after speaking with the council, I understand that Ross and Roberts' fees are still outstanding as the council didn't include bailiff fees in their charges. Which is fine. Ross and Roberts have made 2 seperate visits to my home, and no levy has been made. As far as i'm concerned, all that is now payable by me is £42.50, payable to the bailiff for the 2 visits. What i'd like to know is what should be the course of actio
  6. Thanks for the reply. I wrote an email to the council re-iterating that i will not be making any payments to the bailiff, and pressing the vulnerable person issue. I recently had a housing needs assessment done by the councils adult care team, for re-housing purposes, which clearly outlines my vulnerabilities/disabilities. I mentioned this report in the email and offered that they could see it if they needed to. I dont think i'll write to the bailiff again though as they dont seem to have actually read the letter i sent them. I wrote to them clearly stating my intentions to pay all money to t
  7. Sorry, forgot to say, i cant have it taken from my benefit as it's incapacity benefit. apparently you have to be on income support/jsa/esa
  8. Thanks for the replies... i'll try and fill in the blanks without being too long winded! I had my first council tax bill when i became too ill to work last year. my sick pay ended and i could not afford to pay it for a couple of months. around Christmas time, a court order was made for me to pay around £8 per week to cover it. My statutory sick pay then ended so i put in a claim for incapacity benefit. this took a few difficult months to come through, and at the same time i was appealling a "declined" decision for DLA... Also at the same time i was hit with the new years council tax bill, whic
  9. Hi. I have a cuoncil tax debt in 2 parts, one of which was passed to Ross and Roberts bailiffs. I wrote letters to the both the council and the bailiffs ouitlining my intentions to pay £12.50 per week to the council and asked the council to take the debt back from the bailiff as I think I fall into the category of a "vulnerable" person. I live alone, am disabled and in receipt of benefits due to being chronically sick. I received letters this morning, one from the council and one from the bailiff. The council said they are happy for me to pay them £7 per week, but the amount which was passed t
  10. I made the same mistake of replying to UKPC before i discovered these forums and disclosed myself as the driver. However, on the advice of the forums I sent 2 template letters, one to debtrecoveryplus, and oe to ukpc. I received a few more "final warnings" from debtrecoveryplus, but also a letter from UKPC stating that they had withdrawn their claim. Persevere and try not to get drawn in by their illegal charges! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/119917-private-parking-tickets-template.html
  11. Just wanted to check! I had a fine which i appealed before finding this site. UKPC never responded and i received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus, Threatening a CCJ, Which is when i found this site! I used the template letters and sent one UKPC and one to the debt monkeys telling them not to write me again as the matter is in dispute and any further letters from them would be treated as harassment. I received a letter from UKPC APOLOGISING (!) and telling me the charge had been withdrawn, but then this morning i received another letter from the debt monkey, threatening ccj again! I will ignor
  12. Hi. First i'd like to thank the contributors here whom i have gleaned advice from regarding a charge i recieved from UKPC. I am confused about one thing though, and was wondering if anyone could clear it up for me. I understand that unless I admit to being the driver of a vehicle which has received a parking charge, the issuing company has to prove that i was driving... But surely they could easily prove that as I am the only person insured to drive the car and it was not reported stolen? Any light shed on this would be appreciated! Thanks.
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