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  1. Im sorry for the above. post - I meant to ask the question on my thread.. but I think the same applies, what does the OC have to provide to prove that they legaly sold the debt on to the DCA?
  2. but what will the sar to the oc achieve when its the dca thats processing all the info, and are supposed to be incontact with the the dca? If nothing turns up in the OC's DCA then do I just start the whole process again?
  3. So your basicaly saying that a company dont need a CCA?? BUT surely they do AND they need written permission to process my data??? I cant belive that 2 companies have screwed me over. Theres a very good reason as to why theres no CCA - cos I didnt sign one EVER. If there was statements as you quoted - then Why wasnt they included in the SAR's?? The date of my last payment - I have never paid them for either loans they are claiming. I have only ever done token payments to prevent Debt collectors turning up at my door, and that was done in fear. WHy would Cabot turn round and sya o
  4. Hi and good morning. For over a year now I have been trying to get entry removed on my Equifax credit report with Cabot Financial (and Hillsden Securities). My posts have been over on the Debt Collection Industy under the following: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/220571-cabot-financial-credit-report.html - I used the information Ive been give to act on Hillsden, to save on creating multiple threads. Its now been sugested to proceed with a legal claim, to which I need some help and advice, as Im quite, well nervouse and I really have no idea w
  5. Little are you saying that im screwed and dont have a chance of getting anything sorted on this? Can some one direct me to the relevant link regarding the legal forum, as Im at work and have very limited internet access allowance. Sorry for length absence - in and out of hospital.
  6. Ive had a reponse from the Information Commissioners Office, they have said that they would not consider any action as the matter is over 12mths old!! Despite the fact that I already brought it to there attention in May and they gave me a refrence number for the complaint. Looks like a dead end there. What do I need to do now, should I write back to the ICO? Its over a year now and im getting quite p***ed off with the fact I cant even open a bank account cos of this entry.
  7. Today its offically a year since I asked for a copy of my CCA. As previous posts of mine state they have now admitted that they are not going to chase the debt because of this,The SAR which they sent does not include a CCA or an agreement to process my data, but they still process my data and state that they have a right to because of a history of payments acknowledging the debt (to them token payments). Can someone please give me advise as to what to do next, ie direct me in the line of what claim to make, what I can / cant claim, also other posts mention about writing to the CRA's abou
  8. How long does equifax take to respond to online question? I honestly can not wait 2 years to ge tthis off my record. what do I do now?
  9. right slightly peeved now equifax have taken double the money out of my account. spoke to an american muppet who had no idea what she was doing let alone what day it was. Well in my frustration I have posted this on there Ask A Question page for my account: There is an entry on my credit report from CABOT Financial. Since December 2008 I have been in commuication with Cabot to provide a copy of the ORIGINAL SIGNED CREDIT AGREEMENT. They have admitted that they are unable to supply a copy of this as they do not have an agreement and nor does the apparent original lender CITIFINANCIAL.
  10. How much and how long does it normally take with taking cabot to court. How do I go about this, is there a standard letter thats available, do I seek damages? I only want to clear up my CRA with Equifax so I can get finance for a car. My Experian and Call Credit are fine - both show my active agreements (littlewoods & T-Mobile)
  11. Ok im getting myself confused jumping about to different links posted. A letter went off to the ICO, whom basically said about the history of payments on the account thing, just as what cabot have said. The link Supasnooper posted, is intresting but Im uncertain how that will effect me gaining any form of credit if I went down the lines of asking equifax to remove the automated ect. (oh its only Equifax that this has ever appeared on) Does the letter assist me in anyway by showing equifax that there admitting they dont have the right to process my data (like in Post 5 on Supasn
  12. Hi All, Just got back from work and on the door mat was the attached letter from crapbot. Now I am confused about this, there saying that they can process my info as I signed an agreement (where is it then??) but there also saying that they will no longer persue the debt BUT there still going to process the details with the CRA. what can I do now?? Im half way there!!! surely theres some light at teh end of the tunnel to get it removed off my CRA - I am awating Citi's response to my SAR. recieved 011009.doc
  13. Can you tell me if this is ok - or should i add a bit more, its my letter to cabot: To The Data Controller/ Compliance Manager Dear Sir/Madam, I do not acknowledge any debt to your company I wish to thank you for your letter dated the 3rd September 2009, and documentation which was enclosed in relation to my Subject Access Request. From looking through the documents, it is noted on a number of documents that you do not have a copy of the original credit agreement, and also there is no written proof that I gave my permission to process my personnel information. As
  14. Thank you. As this request is going to Citi - I am going to include a copy of my Photo Driving licence (with the valid to & from dates plus signature blanked out) as proof of who I am. Didnt get licence til October 08 so I would know if they use this. Would that be sufficent as proof of who I am? or should I include the fact that I been on Electrol Roll at the same address for the past 14years Just had another look through my SAR and noticed there int anything detailing the purchase of the debt.
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