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  1. I suppose your right really. I was probably blinded by wanting a bit of revenge for the hassle they put me trough to get this far.
  2. Bit of a pickle here and wondering if anybody can help. Going to hit RBS with a moneyclaim online because what they are offering is about £100 less than what i calculate. Filling in the on-line form and RBS registered office is in Edinburgh but the PPI mob i have been getting the runaround from is in Manchester. Question is who do i send the Moneyclaim online docs to? Their website doesnt like the Edinburgh post code and pronpts for an England or Wales address. I suspect if i put the Manchester address on to the moneyclaim docs they will try to knock it back saying there registe
  3. Hi DJ, I wasnt aware that the Fos would charge RBS £500 for investigating my claim for me. Yes, RBS are being as obstructive as possible in the hope i will go away and give up. I wont... My only worry about the small claim route would be if i didnt get the exact company name and address right and they try to get it thrown ouit on a technicality that way because no doubt they would try. Has anybody on here taken on RBS in the small claims court?
  4. Hi All, A bit of advice on how to proceed with my claim against RBS for my PPI claim on a credit card I have had for years. The story is I was paying PPI for years and didn’t realise it. It came off every month along with the interest and I was ignorant as to what it was and never questioned it until the consumer forums enlightened me. I immediately cancelled my PPI on the card in July 2009 and sent the standard demand for all financial records on my RBS accounts with the £10 in Sept 2009. From Sept 09 – Feb 10 RBS dodged and ignored my requests, no doubt in the hope I would giv
  5. I recieved an evelope which i assume is RBoS responce to my request for my SAR. To say the least its pretty pathetic. I recieved and envelope with 6-years worth of credit card statements, 6 years to the month, nothing more nothing less. No details of any of my bank accounts or the 2 loans i have had, which included PPI also i think. This crap they sent me wasnt worth the £10 fee.... Where do i stand in getting the rest of the info, including the loans as this was all within the 6 year limit? I thought they were suppose to have destruction certificates for data protection?
  6. Your a gent HungryBear. Its on its way in todays post. Also trying to track down a postal address for PayPal was not easy too, they seem to like to hide behind email and telephone numbers.........
  7. It would be pointless in me giving PayPal £10 for the Data Protection stuff when the origional debt they continually harras me for is £14! This has been going on for best part of 2 years now with a few DCA bottom feeders coming and going, the latest being EOS untill this morning. Its probably cost me more in time,stamps, paper and envelopes sending the same prove it stuff to each of them again and again. They caught me with the phone call this morning as i do have a claim going through with PayPal resolutions for some stuff i never recieved, thats how i took the call as i thought it
  8. So after getting EOS to admit that there is nothing linking me to this debt, that a no nothing of, and passing it back to PaPay they just pass it along the chain to another DCA and it all starts again. What is SARN i can hit PayPal with? Harrasing me by telephone at work by claiming to be a company you are not in order to get information is fraud in my eyes. I have used my free 30-day trial with Experian a while back to check my file with nothing on it at all. I also bought a new laptop few weeks back on 9-months interest free with no problems reported.
  9. Looks like this mob are at it again. Just recieved a phone call at my work office phone from sombody first of all claiming to be the PayPay Resolution Team wanting me to confirm my address. When i did this he asked me to confirm an address i lived at 5 years ago which was strange. When i asked his name and who he was he then changed tact and said he was a company who worked for PayPay. I told him i would not confirm no address and asked exactly who he was working for, he then said thanks and hung up on me. Now i dont know if this was still EOS playing about but i am getting sick and
  10. Thanks Martin, I will leave it a few days until the 40 days is up. No doubt RBS will do best to stall and give as little info as possible back as they know i have them bang to rights on the PPI which i have been paying for 9 years now on my CC but that say they only have 6 years of data but more interestingly no record of my CCA. I will discuss the implications of them having no copy of any CCA when the est of the info comes in.
  11. Thanks Martin, As i was wanting details of my bank accounts and the PPI info on past loans and my current RBS credit card i sent the letter to the address of my RBS branch where my account is held. 40-days to comply, only been 25 days so a bit to go yet then.
  12. Hi all, Sent the following SAR letter to my RBS branch 3 weeks ago now and not had one word of acknowledgement or even seen the £10 cheque for the statuary cost being cashed. How long do I realistically leave it before I can make a complaint regarding RBS ignoring me? RBS are really starting to hack me off. First of all the only giving me a spreadsheet showing exactly 6-years worth of PPI data in relation to my RBS credit card then taking another PPI payment in November when I specifically stated in my original letter that I wanted all PPI payments to stop. I called to ask
  13. An i forgot to mention the letter they sent me didnt even have a stamp on it.... Came through my door with a sticker on it from Royal Mail saying 90 odd pence was due for postage....... EOS must be hard up..........
  14. I got the usual response from EOS when sombody stands up to them. Should i follow this up with anything else as no doubt this debt will resurface again under another pond dwelling DC company?
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