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  1. Ok, have an update on this and I have received an email from the Executive Office. I sent an email to the Chief Exec last week, outlining all of my concerns, quoted date/time of my calls and them admitting liability etc etc..not heard anything so again rang and spent another 90 minutes speaking and getting frustrated to various department, you know the drill... it makes my head hurt! "I am sorry if this matter has caused you any inconvenience. I haverequested that the account be repurchased from Lowell and have asked that theyremove any late payments/defaults they may have recorde
  2. Thanks Andy, watch this space , emails /calls being sent today. Will provide an update on this saga!
  3. Red Sigma said they cant do anything until hear from tmobile. If its set aside wont it still show on my credit report? I'm not sure? Id like it removed totally. I will make further calls and be sending a formal letter of compliant to tmobile- hopefully they are going to resolve. can i not take them to small claims if they dont do anything?
  4. I feel frustrated as I dont want the debt satisfying I want it gond and removed as it was unlawfully put there so you can see my unwillingness to do this option. I will record my next calls, just seems wrong that they can do this and now Im suffering with regards to my future etc... If I can get them to admit wrongful doing, what action can I take then? many thanks for your help on this matter. Regards
  5. Hi Andy, Not in writing no- this was done verbally, I only spoke last week, I have made notes on the call, and have logged the call, taken the name etc of who I spoke to, they now have my new address. ( I never thought I needed to update address in 2009 as never had an account no more with them). I called them back again on Saturday and went through a couple of departments who were unhelpful and wouldnt provide me a direct number as I wanted it in writing. They said it was being dealth with and out of their hands was the phrase he used! Regards
  6. first off I will try and make this brief and to the point as I can. I am feel very frustrated and desperate to resolve this and clear my credit file. Back in 2009 I decided to change my phone to T-Mobile, after a week I found I could not get a decent signal in the area so the phone was no use to me, I rangT-Mobile, they said it was within the 14 days and was fine to return, they sentme a return bag I returned the phone to them and that was that…… …………..or so I thought! Roll on to 2015. I’m looking to get on the property ladder soon so having checked my
  7. Thank you- I will update on this and post update soon.
  8. Hi all, been a while! Just a quick one - i;ve been out the loop for a bit, I had a credit card with lloyds that i unfortunately defaulted on in 2013 due to being a single parent and this was only thing I could reduce on my monthly expenditure. - at the time it was arranged that I would pay £25 per month and have been doing so ever since due to financial hardship, the balance was just over £4000 and now stands at £3760 approx. I have recently decided to sort it all out , possible start paying more now that I can afford it. and it dawned on me that its probably full of u
  9. thanks so much for your response...ok this is what has happened since. I emailed my manager to ask if she had any further news on the 'new position'. this is what my reply was: We are not going to be able to wait until you come back for this as we have only got approval for 6 months at this stage, so I am sorry but we will have to go ahead to recruit however, you never know how things pan out and if they leave and you are back then we could look at it again, it is purely time scales here. Now I take it this means they are recruiting someone on a temporary basis( this is what
  10. thanks for your reply, in answer to your questions... 1. She did not leave anything in writing 2. I was working full time before taking maternity leave 3. I informed her last night of my date to return which was December. ( I am aware I have to give 8 weeks notice to return from OML). 4.I was thinking of applying for a 4 day week, instead of 5 for flexible working. thanks for your links, will look at them now.
  11. Hello All. Just wanted to air some frustration and also ask for advice.. I had my baby in July, and was not due to go back to work until December time. My Boss came round to my house last night to talk about work etc... Basically she advised me that there has been a budget approved for a position slightly higher than mine, and she would like me to consider it. BUT on the basis that I go back full time as it is a full time position.....when I told her I'm not planning to come back til Dec she got a bit funny with me and said she doesnt know if they can keep the job "open" for me t
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