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  1. Hi My scooter has been off the road SORN while it has been having some work done, then having a MOT. I have just got it back and went to tax it today, but couldnt. I have the reminder from March 31st. But it seems to be no good, and it says I need the V5c log book. Now heres the problem. I have either mislaid it, because I cant find it anywhere. Or I have never had it. I have the green slip from the previous owner. I have been trying to contact someone at the DVLA, but it all seems to be automated. Does anyone have a number where I could speak to someone in person. Or does any
  2. buzzby

    Scooter Tax Problem

    What should I do if I cant get hold of this bit of paper friday?
  3. buzzby

    Scooter Tax Problem

    Thats the problem, I cant get anything til she comes back off holiday Friday. All I have is the MOT and my insurance.
  4. Hi I bought a scooter last month, and payed for part of it by cheque. The person I bought it from let me take the scooter before the cheque cleared, but kept hold of the V5. The problem is they havn't sent me the V5 yet and the tax ran out at the end of March. I have just spoke to them and they forgot to send it before they went away. Their back the end of the week and will send it then, what can happen to me as I cant get tax without it I understand. Someone at work told me i have 14 days grace to get tax, is this correct? Many thanks Buzz
  5. Hi thanks for all the advice. I think the best thing is to steer clear of the scooter. Buzz
  6. Hi New here so hello everyone. Been looking at a Scooter on Ebay, but the seller has not got the V5 for the scooter. I have done a HPI check and it came back ok. The seller says he hasn't got time to send off for the V5 as he needs a quick sale. Should I steer clear of this, or is it possible for me to obtain the V5 after. Many thaks Buzz
  7. Hi I havnt got the letters aymore, went through them again and found 2 charges (D'oh). Thought I had more than that though. Ready for the next step now. I will post and let you know how its goin. Cheers
  8. Hi I have just received my bank statements back from Abbey, I have the last 14 months as normal statements and the rest from microfilm. Now heres the strange thing, the statements on microfilm show my bank charges, but the normal statements from the last 14 months dont seem to show any charges. I know for a fact that I have had a few charges in the last 14 months. Has anybody else experianced this from Abbey and what should I do about it. Thanks Chris
  9. Hi Cheers for the advice, I have sent off the statement about my bank charge. I am currently also in the process of getting all my charges back from the bank aswell. I have tried talking to the bank about it, they didnt want to know. Chris
  10. Hi I was overcharged by Virgin Media. They took out £35.41 instead of the £22 they were supposed to. On the same day I had another direct debit come out and because they had taken too uch this caused that direct debit not to get paid. I have since been charged £35 by my bank and £15 by my loan company for missing the payment. I have spoke to Virgin and they told me if I send them the paperwork from the companies saying that I had been charged they would pay it. I was wandering if anyone has experiance this from the before and what I my chances of getting the money back, I will b
  11. I was hoping to get them to cancel it as their not taking it til the beginning of next month and it will leave me short of money. If they dont I will add it.
  12. Hi I am in the process of claiming back my charges from Abbey. But I have had another charge put on my account for £35 for going a couple of pounds over. I am going to phone, but what do I need to say to the for them to get rid of the charge as what there doing is wrong. Any help will be appreciated. Chris
  13. Hi Could anyone help please, I have just purchased a Samsung home cinema system from from Currys website. I took a day off work yesterday to take delivery for it. Today the product packed up, so I phoned Samsung and they told me the scart connection was no good and the product needs to be replaced. So I phoned currys who told me I had to send the product back to them and wait for a new one to be delivered, all at my inconveniance. I assured the person who I spoke to that I would be claiming back for my time off work for the second delivery. He only gave me an address to write
  14. Hi I've had a look round but cant find anything, I was wandering how to write a schedule of charges. Is there a template about on the site. Many thanks
  15. Hi whats a parachute account? I have applied for a different bank if thats what you mean. The overdraft is £1400 and they just sent the letter out of the blue. I have phoned them and couldnt speak to anyone in england so they told me to make an appointment with the bank.
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