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  1. DERS are OPOS. I'm not sure why they try to trick people into thinking that the debt has been passed on but they do. A recorded letter of your payment offer to them can't do any harm but I must admit I did all my negotiations via email. I felt this was quicker and provided a just as reliable 'paper trail' if needed. I corresponded with several people at OPOS with no progress until it was passed on to [email protected] I get the feeling that he is a senior / manager there and has alot more authority to authorise settlement. He immediately accepted my offer no hassle, no fuss
  2. Hiya. Basically stick to your guns. Everytime they send you a letter / email send one back stating how much you can afford. Stay off the phone. It took me 3 months of weekly back and forth with Opos until they budged. So just stick at it and good luck. A complaint to the oft and fos about Minicredit will work wonders to.
  3. It is with massive pleasure that I can confirm that OPOS have agreed to a full and final amount of £200. I am so happy with this result as it has been an on going saga for nearly a year now and huge relief. Without doubt, if I hadn't have found this site and had the help from so many of you wonderful people things could well have turned out significantly different. With this Minicredit debt now paid off, I have successfully ended my PDL hell (having paid off Wonga, Lending Stream and Quick Quid). A hard lesson learned. As with most people I'm sure, I never wanted to avoi
  4. It was originally my thread but now Im not sure who's it is Yeah, if you could do that, that would be great thankyou.
  5. Im glad the Minicredit hell is over for you Unfortunately, my nightmate is still going strong - although the fact Im having to deal with Opos and not M.Hall may have something to do with it.
  6. Hello all. It seems that my thread has become populated by many others issues so I hope my latest update doesn't get lost in it all. I sent another Full and Final email to OPOS earlier this month (as the refused my previous offer). They chose to ignore this email and yesterday I received a letter from DERS. ' FINAL NOTICE OF INTENT: we have been advised by OPOS Limited that you have refused to make payment or agree a suitable repayment plan on your account despite them being aware of any reason you may have for avoiding this matter, possible court action etc, etc. At the
  7. Just a quick update. Opos have finally acknowledged my emails / letters and responded to my settlement offer. Unfortunately, they needn't have bothered. They rejected my offer and simply stated the same amount(s), payment options as I stated above. Oh well.......I will keep trying.
  8. Ah okay thanks Silly. Would have been better if they explained that in the email. Had it not been for them using the same email address as OPOS ([email protected]), I would have simply marked it as junk and deleted it as it was titled 'D.E.R.S. Contact' and mean't nothing to me.
  9. Had a couple more emails off OPOS in the last week. Just the usual generic 'please phone us to discuss the account' etc and totally ignoring the contents of my letters / emails and refusing to respond. Tonight though, I received a slightly different one: This is a message for........, please contact D.E.R.S on 0844 372 2459 regarding reference OP........ Thank you. I have no idea what D.E.R.S. is / means and have asked them to explain (I'm sure this request will be ignored though)
  10. Hiya Aj. Honestly, if there is anyway for you to pay them then do it, its been a complete nightmare trying to deal with them. If it wasn't for this site I dont't know what I would have done. I dont think they can contact your employer legally but wouldnt put it past them so I changed all employer telephone numbers on my account before defaulting just to make sure.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply as always Sillygirl. I have already reported them and Minicredit to the OFT. Thanks for the figure, I'll will get that offer off to them today.
  12. Good morning all. Haver had a few phone calls from Opos since my letter but as usual, they all get ignored but, this morning I have received a written reply. As suspected, they totally ignored the contents of my letter and state 'Our records show that you have failed respond to our previous request for payment' even though I had an answer phone message asking me to ring them regarding my letter. Anyway, they state the outstanding balance is £805.00 and have offered a reduced rate of £405 by 12/03/2012 as F&F or instalments of £138 for 6 months or £68 for 12 months. All
  13. Thanks Sillygirl for the advice as always. Typed that up and it's in the post. I'll post here as soon as I get a reply.
  14. Good morning all. Just a quick update for my thread. It appears that Fredricksons indeed are no longer dealing on behalf of Minicredit (although I've had no correspondence indicating this from them) but I received a letter today from Opos Limited which are requesting the claimed outstanding balance of £804.00. Unusually for this type of company the letter wasn't threatening court action etc so was wondering what action to take next? Has anyone had dealing with Opois, what are they like? Is it worth contacting them offering a settlement (as I have tried numerous times previousl
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