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  1. Upto now no,i have given him the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Hi guys hope you can help. My story starts 2 months or so ago and regards the company i worked for at the time,i had worked for the company for over 12 months when they run into financial difficulty,but was paid on time my flat wage (not my bonuses)and was assured the money i was owed was forthcoming. In the meantime the wages became sporadic half wages on due day the rest 4 days later,then they stopped the boss gave the excuse he was waiting on funds being realised and the wages would be paid half on friday half on tuesday of each week,which i could live with. Then the bombshel
  3. She didnt ring i rang back,i asked for a figure what i owed as of the day before the bailiffs came,she woulnt give me it said with the bailiff fees it could change,i told her i wasnt intrested in what the bailiff fees where just wanted to know what my (supposedly)outstanding balance was. She basically wouldnt give me any info at all except the bailiffs number . Now all she has done is woke a sleeping giant and the resolve i had prior to tonight has increased ten-fold.
  4. Spoke to the supervisor who basically threw a number for the bailiff who attended at me ,wouldnt give me an employment number and fobbed me off. Now i am seriously p'oed as the bailiff wouldnt answer the phone,i am gonna see a solicitor tommorow and see what i can do.
  5. Well there is a scuff mark on the door,but proving it was from him will be hard. have spoken too a lady(one who didnt hang up)and she assured me that i would be called back bye 7:38 pm (she has 3 mins).
  6. Am just gonna ring them back ,after being hung up on 3 times with a promise of a call back,which i have'nt recieved.
  7. Theres a surprise they will only take complaints in writing and i was hung up on on 3 occasions after mentioning i had a complaint,but on the three occasions i was told they would phone me straight back.
  8. just spoke to the council they told me to get in touch with the c.a.b? phoned marstons and they are supposed to be phoning me back in 5 minutes(checks watch, 2 mins)
  9. Hi seanamarts, Thankyou for your reply,to answer your question,yes it was for council tax, i am still in the midst of trying to get all the facts and figures i need before making a complaint but from the walking possesion i signed it, says 1 payment of £450 plus 11 weekly payments of £86.40 and according to my reciepts they have all been paid. just out of intrest and if you know when the original bailiff came to my house he was trying to seize 2 of my cars ,one of which is worth at the minimum double the debt i owed and the other is worth around the same as the debt,is that lawful?
  10. After a bailiff attended my property,i reluctantly signed a walking possesion form. The bailiff seemed friendly enough and gave me 12 weeks to pay,£450 too him and then 11 weekly paments of £86:40 ,so from the following week we paid on time,most times even rounding upto £90 so our final payment was around 6-8 weeks ago which we made and put the saga to bed. However while i was at work today my wife was upstairs with our baby trying to get her bathed when she heard a knock at the door,as she had the baby in the bath she ignored it,but then she heard the door being booted and someone s
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