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  1. Thanks for your usual prompt response Andy. I'll update here as soon as I hear anything. Is there anything I should be doing in the meantime?
  2. Now that ARROW have won the other similar claim to this one, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/396128-arrowshoosmiths-re-old-mbna-ccard-accountclaim-2/ which I defended at the same time in Summer of 2016, I'm wondering if they are now likely to unstay this one and bring it to court in the same manner? I have not received any hearing date for this claim as yet, but I've just checked the MCOL website and it has been updated to 'Your claim was transferred to MIDDLESBROUGH on 19/02/2019' I'm now wondering if I might be better to contact ARR
  3. Thanks for the response Andy, The default notice from IDEM showed the IDEM new account number only. This new IDEM number was also on the letter of assignment from MBNA which showed both account numbers and this was produced in the claim by ARROW and included in their witness statement. The Judge showed that the relevant Need for default notice ruling stated that it could be issued by the original creditor or by the subsequent purchaser/assignee of the debt (after being pointed towards it by the Arrow representative in the hearing) I have not been able to fin
  4. Hello again, I'll update you with the outcome of Friday's hearing and a little scenario for anyone who has to go through the same type of situation. I arrived for the hearing with copies of all relevant documentation, witness statements etc. On arrival at the designated hearing room reception, an advocate representing the claimant, Arrow Global, introduced himself to me and asked if there was anything that I needed help with or wanted to ask before the hearing commenced. He explained what would happen in the hearing with the judge. As he was working for the claimant, I said ve
  5. Thanks very much for your help and prompt response Andy, I've been struggling with 14 hour shifts recently zzz. I've based my statement loosely on the one above and obviously adapted it to suit. When I finally found time to go through their 80 pages of documentation, I found a few errors on dates and amounts so I highlighted these in my statement. I'm happy with it but would have liked one of you guys to cast an expert eye over it first, but I need to get it off tomorrow and as it's almost 3am now I've had to take a chance. I've of course sent it to the court and sent a copy t
  6. Hearing date has been set for 8/03/19 so I need to get my witness statement in pronto. I've been searching CAG for Summary judgement witness statement but I can't seem to find anything appropriate to work off and I'm not even sure which points I should be objecting to. Is the default notice from Idem and not from MBNA the only objection I can make here? I'm not the best at these things and I'm going to struggle I fear.
  7. So can I use this in my defence witness statement? Surely the court would know this too?
  8. Thank you for sorting pdf dx, I tried my best and thought that I’d hidden everything doh! Could Idem be trying to issue DN on the basis that they received one ‘payment’ of £50 from me - because if so, that was actually my last payment to mbna which they transferred themselves to Idem in Nov 2012?
  9. Thank you Andy, I’ll have a look about. I have a couple of 14 hour night shifts to grind through zzz
  10. Thanks Andy. What sort of lines should my witness statement take. What are my possible grounds for objection? Are there any examples that I could follow as I’m not the greatest at the legal stuff? Thanks
  11. Hi Andy, nothing regarding a hearing date yet, just today received a copy of above papers from the Middlesbrough court. Thanks
  12. Hi again, Not being the most tech savvy guy, it's taken me 12 hours over the last two days to scan, redact, convert the files to pdf, save as one document and then compress following your comprehensive upload instructions above. The pdf however still runs to 61 pages after removing all but the latest statements and measures 18mb after compression. I just wanted to check that this is ok to upload now or do I need to adjust anything? Many thanks
  13. I think I see what you're getting at dx - the documents I uploaded on the other topic https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?468970-Arrow-Shoosmiths-re-old-MBNA-c-card-account-Claim-1 are correct relating to that account. As far as I can recall, this is the first time that I have seen terms relating to this particular account
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