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  1. Thanks for helping. I was using a debt management company for credit cards. The loan with Northern Rock was taken out in my mums name as they wouldnt give me one and I needed the £ for uni. I wouldnt dare fall behind with payments to my mum!! I just thought that as it was taken out in Jan 07 that it may be unenforceable!!
  2. Wow! How exciting!! I'll give that a go and see what comes back. Do I stop making payments to them now then?
  3. Hiya, I looked at the thread: Is My Agreement Enforceable - Useful and it looks like the Northern Rock one IS Enforceable, which is really annoying. Can I still send a letter re: charges if the agreement is for a loan? I'm not sure that this agreement has incurred any charges as I havent missed any payments. Unless I can claim back interest or something like that? Now, that would be nice! Is there a letter template for this request?
  4. Covering letter - Does this mean that I can claim the charges and interest back? I told them years ago that I was struggling with repaying and they only freeze the interest now?
  5. Hi, I sent off my CCA letter to La Redoute (REDCATS) who passed my file over to Droyds debt collection when I fell behind with payments. I have just received the credit agreement and wanted to know if it is unenforecable? I only owe them £242 now and wonder whether or not its worth it? I feel as though I have been paying them back for 100 years!! Thanks PS I have attached the credit agreement (which was never signed by me. not sure how it works for home shopping catalogues)...
  6. Hi Hi, I have section 5 overleaf and I also have replies from a few other creditors. What do i do now? I dont want to leave it too long or they'll think i'm wasting my time and probably just laugh at me! grrr. ta
  7. Whoa, thats massive. Sure you can see now?! Its dated 15th Jan. What do i do now? thanksx
  8. Please let me know if you cant see this. ta
  9. Hiya, I have uploaded to tinypic.com. How do I now send to you to look at? Thanks so much for your help
  10. Hey there, ME again. I have had a response from one of the creditors and i'm not sure what to do. Can you view the attachment? They sent the Agreement and it is dated 18/1/07. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the advise. Thats really helpful. I hope this is relatively quick and painful as i have had so much stress from all these debts to the point of tears on many ocassions!!
  12. I've recently paid off my Egg credit card and have checked my credit file and noticed that i have been defaulted by Egg for the next 6 years. Is there anything i can do about this? Any suggested letters I can write to them. They didnt tell me that i would be defaulted for being on a payment plan, which i think is really unfair. Also, I had a graduate account with Barclays, up until 2 years ago, when they closed my account over a weekend without telling me. Like most students when they finish university, I was (and still am) in debt, so i went overdrawn. Is there anything i can do about th
  13. This is such a stupid question ....but who do i make the postal orders out to?
  14. Thanks so much for your help! This has lifted such a weight of my shoulders and i feel like i can actually get on top of this now!
  15. I have 2 defaults but wasnt informed that i would get them. Anything i can do about that?
  16. Sorry!!!! Also, is it best to send the postal order Special delivery so they have to sign for it (as proof they received)?
  17. Thanks Gaz! I have spent the whole day stressing about it!! I have been close to tears on many ocassions! Can you suggest a template? I have just paid for my credit report online. According to that, 2 creditors have defaulted me 1) Barclays (which was my student account - i went overdrawn and they closed my account over a weekend without informing me) and 2) Egg - credit card I paid off today. There is no sign of even having an account with other creditors. Does this mean I can stop paying them or should I continue to pay until I have sent this letter with the £1? Sorry to be such a pain! A
  18. Hi. I'm a newby on this site and not quite sure how it works, so i hope i am doing this right.... Here's my story (its long....sorry!): I got myself into a bit of debt whilst i was at university. I finished uni 5 years ago, but unfortunately, still paying off credit cards and loans. I got a call about 2 years ago from a guy asking me if i was having trouble with debt. Of course, I said yes and he said he would help. The debt management company asked me to pay £150 per month (£130 to pay creditors and £30 a month for their "admin" fees)...I was getting letter after letter after le
  19. Hi. I too am new on this site. I desperately need some help with my credit agreements too. I heard that some credit agreements are unenforceable if they were taken out prior to April 2007. I am not sure how true this is...I just had a company calling me trying to get me to pay them £1000 upfront for assessing my case and looking over my agreements. If they are unenforceable and I win, the company want a further 15% of my total debt, which is now at around £23k, and if i loose, they keep the £1000 i initially laid out. Is there any way that I can try to find out if my credit agreements are
  20. Hi, I'm new on here and not sure I am in the right place... I got myself into a bit of debt, which has gradually increased since uni (5 years ago)...I have a couple of credit cards and a loan which amount to about £23k. I paid off one of my credit cards today, which was quite an achievement (or so i thought) to be told that I have now been defaulted for 6 years!! The agreements on my cards/loan were taken out before 2007 and i think i could be eligible for the non enforceable agreement. Can anyone help me? One company called me and wanted 20% of £23k for their fees. They wanted £1,050 upfro
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