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  1. Does anyone know what do I do next, sorry to seem so dumb but all this is very confusing and the car will probably be repossessed very soon if I don't do anything. thanks
  2. Does anyone know if I can an agreement is still unforcable if the agrement is unregulated, there are no interest rates on the agreement
  3. This is a copy of the agreement that I actually signed, the next page is the one that I signed and only contains dealer details, discription of goods my signature and direct debit details , and this is a copy of the original obtained form the finance company. As far as I know it is a straight hire purchase agreement
  4. It says on the top of the agreement hire purchase agreement, the car is a porsche, a bit embarrasing ,but I am older and a bit wiser now and never again
  5. sorry but I am not to clever with this tech stuff but here is a copy of the agreement there is another page but that only has my signature and direct debit details, can I stop paying for the dar if the agreement is in dispute? just I am really struggling to pay them
  6. I have already posted a copy of the aggreement on the forum under car finance and the agreement was signed at the finance reps office. At the risk of sounding completely dumb what does it exactly mean that the agreement id unenforcable, what do I need to do next?
  7. Where does this leave me legally can I claim against it or do I need a soliciter involved.?
  8. :confused:Sorry to be impatient but with reference to my original post about my car finance can anybody tell me if the interest rate has to be shown on a hp car finance aggreement as it is not shown on mine and I want as many legal arguments as possible to fight back with.Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. Hi sorry about the mix up trying to post the aggreement, you'll have to be patient as I am new to this, so here we go again and hopefully this will be alright. If anyone has any ideas of where I stand I will be very grateful. cheers:mad:
  10. Hi sorry about this I'll try again, I don't know what I am doing wrong but the link keeps opening when I try to attach it, but anyway this is the main part of the aggreement, there is another sheet but it just has my signature and bank details on.
  11. Hi thanks hope this helps
  12. Hi, I am completley new to this site and I am after some advice. I bought a car on hp three years ago and I got shafted off the finance rep. Firstly he told me the finance rate was 4% but in reality they charged me 6.5% (there was no apr rate on the aggreement), secondly he told me when the balloon payment was due I could hand the car back but in reality I have to pay the £20000 balloon which I can't afford. It was a big rush job to get the aggreement signed so I didn't check as I should have, I can't hand the car back as it was an unregulated aggreement. I am struggling with the payments at t
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