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  1. With regards to whether it was an inspector or not, if he was wearing a grey suit it was an inspector, if wearing a standard blue First group uniform then it was a Conductor or Ticket Examiner. just thought i'd clear that up!
  2. The strangest thing about this thread is the fact that ATW are actually showing an interest in Revenue Protection, something that has been non-exitent in Wales since the days of Wales & West! Do ATW now actually have some RPI's?
  3. I fail to see how anyone can say these days that they didn't know they had to buy a ticket before boarding, all Penalty Fare stations have loads of huge bright yellow posters headed with "WARNING, HAVE YOU PAID?", there are usually announcements at most stations. As for giving false deatils next time go ahead, then see what happens when you are charged with an offence under RRA which carries a higher penalty and criminal record, RP staff have ways of checking details!
  4. you may have a card that is not authorised for off-line transactions, which is why the Avantix (the on train ticket machine) would have declined the card, it's a bit of a grey area regarding these cards and as far as I know it has yet to be tested in court.
  5. You gave an address that you said was yours, the summons will go to that address, you wont know about it, it will go to court, found guilty in your absence and a fine given which you wont know about then lovely Bailiff's get involved!
  6. I cant see that the guard has really done anything wrong though, the passenger removed the scrote!
  7. The vital piece that you missed was that you can only use first class in such circumstances when authorised by a member of staff, it's in the National Rail Condirions of Carriage.
  8. I think SWT took a gamble by going for 5.3(a), should have just done byelaw 18(1) or (2), it goes to show though that if you go to court and plead your case you have a good chance of getting a result!
  9. sometimes when people represent themselves you can see the mags trying their best not to crack up laughing with some of the junk that they spout!
  10. if you paid a Penalty Fare then the matter is closed, TfL will keep a record of the Penalty Fare in-case you get caught again.
  11. Its a shame you paid, because if the notice didn't have an authorised person number then it is in-complete and therefore not valid! I think you should now write to EMT customer services and see what they have to say, you may get some vouchers as you were entitled to the tickets that you required.
  12. I very much doubt that byelaw 18(1) can be charged as a ticket was purchased, providing that the ticket covered the entire journey made then the offence has been disposed of by the TOC as the OP was sold a ticket.
  13. You may be "guilty" of 5.3(a) by default, ultimately you travelled with an in-valid ticket.
  14. He could well be charged with RRA sec 5.3(a) which only requires an attempt to travel, by going through the barrier towards the train could very well be deemed an attempt to travel especially if he told the inspector that during questioning.
  15. It's funny how the guard had so many things to do but still had time to issue a UFN! I should appeal, you have adhered to the NRCoC.
  16. It is the customers responibility to ensure they have a valid ticket but in this case it appears to have been a mistake but you are tchnically in breach of Byelaw 18(1) as your ticket wasn't valid for you, however, the guard should have really used his discretion and charged an excess fare, had you not paid the excess then that would be different. this may sound like an odd question but when you were reported were you still in Scotland?
  17. As far as I know they prosecute cases on behalf of Cross Country and Arriva Trains Wales.
  18. funny how the ones who have voted against the poll are all fare evaders.......
  19. Not to mention possibly being charged with perverting the course of justice.
  20. If you travelled from a Penalty Fare station then the PF was correctly issued.
  21. RPI's are classed as "persons other than police officers" under PACE, this means that they can carry out a PACE interview (as what happened with yourself) but they can only detain somebody under sec 5.2 of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889. Which TOC was this? may be able to give you an idea of their willingness to settle out of court.
  22. Unfortunately that statement sums this up, you didnt like the fact that the member of staff was right and by the sounds of it you were being "awkward", you have to accept that a certain amount of responsability does lie with yourself to ensure that you have a valid ticket (or Oyster in this instance), unfortunately you gave up the opportunity to pay a Penalty fare which the member of staff did not have to offer you, they could have gone straight down the prosecution route if they so wished.
  23. the 09 code simply means that the magnetic strip cannot be read, the actual ticket may be totally legible.
  24. TFL rarely settle out of court, they are basically a government owned service so have no interest in recieving money from offenders.
  25. I think the mods should edit the name of the driver out!
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