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  1. The point of the seat reservation with advance tickets is to prove you are on the correct train, i very often see guards checking seat reservations on trains i have been on, if you cannot produce the seat reservation then it would be classed as no supporting document, i think if you can prove that you were on the correct train then common sense may prevail! unfortunately i've seen it all to often when people buy an advance single from Paddington to Plymouth for £15 or something and have conveniently lost the seat reservation thinking that you won't notice so that they can get any train, although personally in such circumstances i would look through the reservation list for the train to see if the customer actually was on the right train and prove them wrong if they are not!
  2. Nothing unjust there, you didn't have a valid railcard simple, therefore no valid ticket, who's fault is it that you didn't have an in date railcard? Not FGW's thats for sure!
  3. Cant really add to what has been said, the PF system allows for instances of forgetting your season ticket (2 a year with most TOC's) but it is down to you to appeal the notice, why should the TOC bear the costs of having to chase you when at the end of the day you forgot to bring your ticket?
  4. Ha ha my favourite game that one, if it happens a lot you could find yourself being followed by plain clothes inspectors, giving false details is, as Mr Gates points out an RRA offence, HOWEVER giving SOMEONE ELSE's details is far more serious and borders on Identity theft, chances are you'd probably get away with it once but unless the Inspector is a complete numpty you would probably get found out at the time, and don't forget, if the unsuspecting person who's details you gave gets threatening letters from the TOC they may well make a complaint to the Police for identity theft! We've had a few people do it before and we've ended up doing follows from the station to their homes and vice versa then usually pull them up on about the 4th day (all done in accordence with RIPPOR etc).
  5. On National Rail we are covered by the conditions of carriage which states that buggies must be collapsed, I expect Stagecoach will have a conditions of Carriage also? Buses arent my area of knowledge though! It does annoy me sometimes when someone with a buggy will ask where the "Disabled" space is! I quite often ask if they need disabled assitence but that usually goes straight over their heads!
  6. I think what is obvious here is that there is more to it than the OP has let on!
  7. I think from the ticketing point of view you raise a very valid point, autism is not always easy to spot in someone, most rail staff (the VAST mjority) will usualy be able to spot a vulnerable person and to deal with them in the correct manor and I don't think you need to be scared off by some of the stories you hear on the CAG.
  8. in which case the RPI acted correctly as the definition of a "Ticket" is that it is VALID for the day, date etc.............
  9. the outward portion of any return ticket is only valid when presented with the unused return portion of the ticket, i believe this is in the NRCoC but dont quote me to that as I may have read it in the ticket examiners handbook so it would appear that the Penalty Fare would have been correctly issued, FCC won't hesitate to take you to court over this.
  10. Not always the case, i've known station staff who have wrongly told someone to get on the train without a ticket, the customer has been PF'd and the station staff have confirmed the story at a later date, resulting in the PF being cancelled, admittedly this is normaly where the customer is a regular from a particular station and has then gone back to see the member of staff themselves.
  11. If the conductor did tell you to get on the train then you should not have to pay the PF if that was what was issued, you would however need to prove that he said this, it might pay you to write to London Midlands customer services with train time and date etc, it may be a long shot but the conductor may remember saying that to you, but like i said, it's a hell of a long shot.
  12. I'm surprised ATW don't introduce PF's in the Cardif area and between Cardiff and Swansea.
  13. it will be your word against theirs, and if there are three of them...........
  14. if the inspectors had not stopped you then how would the fare have been paid? basically it wouldn't, if you use New Street regularly then you will know that the lift takes you outside of where the ticket check takes place on the concourse.
  15. if you were quite obviously under the influence then you shouldn't have been interviewed at the time in my opinion, however, you have committed the obvious "double shuffle " through the gates which is blatent fare evasion!
  16. firstly you will need to prove that you are not the named person, second, it may be in your interest to inform btp of anyone who may have a grudge etc and may be using your details as they can get in serious crap for using someone elses details, more so than using false details.
  17. I find it difficult to believe that you dont recall the incident? did you get issued a Penalty Fare and not pay it? Get an unpaid fare notice and not pay it?
  18. All of your address information is held on your credit report so you could be chased up quite easilly, did you commit the offence or not?
  19. hmmm 30 October? not like it is only just out of date! advice so far here is spot on, your only chance is to hope that they will settle out of court.
  20. It must be Crosscountry as FGW only do E-tickets on some Oxford-London tickets, as for not knowing who the TOC was, surely the fact that they have had letters from the TOC which were no doubt on headed paper should explain that!
  21. you cannot be penalty fared for being on a restricted ticket, it is against the PF rules, just to get the facts straight here, did you have an off-peak ticket and travel in peak time? if so the PF should not have been issued and you should only have been charged the difference between the fare you paid and the ticket required at that time. If you had appealed at the time you would almost certainly have succeeded in your appeal, now that the 21 days has passed you may be on dodgy ground, it may be worth writing to the TOC's customer services and pointing this out to see what they say.
  22. I'm sure if you lost your airline ticket you wouldn't get on the plane? Your ticket was stolen, report it to the police, get crime number and see if your home insurance will pay for the PF, how is an inspector supposed to know whether you had a ticket if you cant produce one? for all the TOC know you could have given your ticket to someone else to get through the gates and then try the lost ticket trick, who knows?
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