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  1. IF he was issued a PF for travelling on a peak train with an Off-Peak ticket then appeal as you cannot be PF'd for being on a restricted ticket. I am VERY surprised that any PF collector would issue a PF under these circumstances, is there more to this?
  2. Having been to Sheffield recently, I did notice quite a few PF posters all around the station.
  3. I also don't believe this, when you enter a railway station or train you enter into an implied contract called the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, and within this contract it is defined that you must keep your ticket until you leave railway property. Basically from what you said you travelled without tickets and when challenged you lied and said that you had paid your fare but had thrown them away, so you made a journey without paying anything, this makes you a fare evader and it's because of people like you that the rules have to be so harsh and that on occasions genuine people get caught out, and why most inspectors don't believe a single word that most people say!
  4. Well i can safely say that FGW inspectors get no bonus/commission or performence related pay! Don't Greater Anglia hire in contract RPI's similar to G4S with Northern rail?
  5. Its inspectors like this that give us a bad name! I hope you are compensated well and that they recieve a rollicking!
  6. It is worth checking to see if the transaction actually took place, the TVM's at York are operated by East Coast trains which is what will appear on the bank statement.
  7. It is totally impossible for the gates to eat the ticket when entering the station onto the platforms as there are only ticket bins on the platform side of the gates, also, when a ticket is placed into the gate then it will not open until the ticket has been removed. Also, which station did this happen at as there are no gates at York.
  8. Lets clear this up a minute, i take it you are refering to a Network West Midlands travel card rather than a Network Rail (aka the company that owns the track and stations across Britain)? This is basically a zonal type travelcard for the West Midlands. Wait for them to write to you and then offer to pay costs plus the avoided fare(s), I'm not being funny but don't try to convince them that you didn't have a spare few minutes to buy a new ticket but did have time to alter the current one.
  9. The two offences are the same, and by travelling you enter into a contract with the TOC therefore agreeing to the NRCoC (Which is the contract) and railway byelaws, the offences under RRA 1889 (Such as a short fare, intent to avoid fare, false details etc) are, I believe, statute so there is no requirement to advertise them, it would be a bit like murdering someone and using the defence of there not being signs on the street that say you can't murder someone.
  10. You say that the Penalty Fare notice became a report, may i be cynical and assume that you became awkward? TOC's do seem to be taking first class abuse very seriously these days and it is a byelaw offence to remain in a first class area without a "valid" ticket, valid meaning for the class, day, date etc... it is a strict liability matter so there is very little defence, if you wish to travel first class then you must upgrade before boarding the train unless you board at a station where you cannot purchase the relevant upgrade before travelling.
  11. A solicitor could also act to present mitigation, which is pointless as the solicitors fees will be higher than any fine that you have saved, obviously I would never advise against seeking legal advice from a professional but don't be surprised if it ends up costing a fortune in legal fees.
  12. I can see why you will think it is unfair and ultimately it is unlucky however there are people out there who buy discounted tickets for their mates etc which is why the rules are so black and white, it's a fact of modern society that so many are dishonest that everybody gets tarred with the same brush. If you put a complaint letter in with your appeal then it won't have got to the TOC's customer service department as the appeals are dealt with independantly.
  13. Assuming you were issued a Penalty Fare for no supporting document then unfortunately the Pen Fare will stand as you did not show a valid railcard when requested. Unfortunately it is one of those things, if it isn't paid then the Penalty Fare would be cancelled and the matter reported for prosecution. Best thing you can do is pay the Pen Fare and put it down to experience. However, once you have paid it is certainly worth writing to the Train Operators customer services department and explaining your case providing the relevent proof and see what they say. I know it is easy for me to say "put it down to experience" from the outside but if it isn't dealt with it will just esculate and end up a lot worse. Unfortunately there are occasions when genuine cases like this (based on what you have told us) crop up but it is just unlucky, sorry I cant be the bearer of better news but the customer services avenue is worth exploring.
  14. All of the trains from Abeystwyth (which call at Newtown) go through to Birmingham international, likewise quite a few of the Euston services start/terminate at Birmingham New Street, they don't all go to Wolves, the reason why the ticket would advise to change at International is to make life easier for the customer as there are less platforms to find etc, it's the same if you book tickets from say Taunton to Nottingham, most of the time you are advised to change at Cheltenham so that you a) avoid having to change at New Street b) it's the same platform. It also reduces the congestion at New Street.
  15. May be an idea to remove your real name from the post as well, you have obviously been reported to the prosecutions unit at FCC, wait until they write to you then write back saying sorry etc and offer to pay their admin costs plus the fare due (the fare dues will be the Anytime single for the journey you were making, not the 10p difference in fare), they don't have to accept this but FCC generally do settle out of court. Unfortunately your ticket wasn't valid and what you have to consider is that anybody could find a single ticket that had been used on the floor and then try to use it to get back, i'm not saying this is what you did but it explains why the Inspector would not allow you to use that ticket to get back.
  16. so you had a ticket from Newtown to your final destination? don't get reservations confused with the tickets, you would have one ticket which is for the journey then reservations for each leg of the journey, I think i'm right in saying that you should take up your claim with Arriva as they delayed you so i should write to them, as your complaint is with that operator. (although i may be wrong Old Codger) but i am 90% sure that is correct.
  17. Did your journey involve two seperate tickets? i.e. did you have one single from Wales-Birmingham Intl then another ticket from Birmingham Intl-London or was it a through ticket? Either way the first port of call is with the operator who delayed you (Arriva)
  18. best thing is to appear at court and ask to speak with the prosecutor before going into court, they MAY let you settle there and then but make sure you either take cash or a card with you as they won't take a cheque, I would suggest about £200 possibly, the court date is too near to try writing to them but it may be worth a try, if they dont accept your offer before court then appear in court and (assuming that you believe you are gulity) plead guilty in person and apologise etc this will reduce the fine more than likely.
  19. :wink:If it was a relatively smart blue train with auto announcers etc then it is Transpennine, if it was falling apart with chewing gum on all of the ripped seats then it was Northern Rail.
  20. If it's Transpennine Express then their prosecutions are dealt with by First Great Western from Reading and they will be in contact with you once the inspector has completed their MG11 statement, generally FGW offer an out of court settlement to first time offenders.
  21. Let us know court dates and i'll come along to the public gallery, will we have the added bonus of seeing you represent yourself?
  22. It certainly isn't 2) as this is not a Penalty fare matter, East Coast do dont have any Penalty Fare schemes within their franchise.
  23. If he approached a member of staff saying that he was stranded then he would have been adviced of this.
  24. Basically you need to wait for them to write to you now, by giving false details you made it go from a civil matter (Penalty fare) to a criminal matter, when they write to you then you can write to them apologising and offer to pay the outstanding fare plus their admin costs, however, they do not have to accept this, I'm not sure on how tolerant LM are with out of court settlements as I believe that this is the first LM case that i've seen on here other than straight forward Penalty Fare issues, it varies from TOC to TOC, TfL will very rarely if ever settle out of court and yet FCC and FGW seem to settle out of court all the time so wait until you get the letter then post on here and we can help you write to them.
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