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  1. Network Rail will be responsible if it is Piccadilly, if the usual avenues of complaints dont work then I would contact your MP to be honest, exhaust the correct channels first though, as frustrating as it may be.
  2. Sounds pretty poor to me, if you have taken it up with the TOC (I assume Northern?) then take it up with Passenger focus, the TOC will have a Disabled Persons Protection policy which they must abide by. The guard on the train should use the on train ramp if there is no station staff available, this certainly is the case with the TOC I work for but deffo contact Passenger Focus!
  3. Another case of someone who can't take responsibility for their own actions, not sure what you expected from here but unfortunately you asked for something, was sold exactly what you asked for so hey ho, who's fault is that? Generally people who bounce around the word "Jobsworth" seem to expect all of the rules to be bent just for them.
  4. Yes i've been following the story on the other forum too and it does seem that there may be more to this.
  5. It's no ones fault but your own so stop trying to pass the buck, it is unfortunate that you picked up the wrong ticket but is it the railways fault that you did this? no.
  6. On the point of a stereotypical fare dodger, men in suits are usually some of the worst in my opinion, by that i'm not at all saying that you are, just that a lot of my "clients" fall into that category!
  7. Obviously the OP is convinced that they are right so let them get on with it.
  8. Errrm your pass was "only" a week out of date? So how many time had you travelled on it before you were caught?
  9. The TOC could always cancel the PFN, refund monies paid and prosecute you under railway byelaw 18 if they wish so I personally wouldn't advise rocking the boat! a PF for no railcard is actually a lenient option. Reading my own PF book it says ".......PENALTY £20 or twice the appropriate full single fare whichever is the greater" then "From_____" "To__________ (next or OTHER station stop)" doesn't mention next stop specifically.
  10. To give an idea of outcome and costs please let us know the operator and the journey involved, by PM if you dont feel happy posting on the forum.
  11. Also, the ticket could be deemed as defaced and thus not valid, meaning that a Byelaw 18(1) prosecution could possibly be brought against you as the ticket was not "valid" as it was defaced, have you tried speaking with them? Transpennine's prosecutions are dealt with by First Great Western at Reading.
  12. the said £5 though can be refunded under the PF rules and start again.
  13. Your options are to pay up or go to court, you have missed the opportunity to appeal as you failed to do so within the allotted 21 day period.
  14. Berkswell station does have Penalty Fare warning signs, whether you thought it was criminal or not, you knew it was wrong, generally things that are wrong are criminal, simples.
  15. The solicitor who advised you to not contact FCC wants shooting, write to FCC offering to pay the fare due plus their reasonable administration cost's, i would say around £150 and see what they say.
  16. I thought PF's applied on Gat Ex services only south of Gatwick?
  17. I think the Inspector was very fair to offer just a Penalty Fare for the adult, best your friend can hope for is to settle out of court, your friend obviously failed the attitude test!
  18. Judging by the format of the letter it's either FGW or TPE?
  19. Also depends on which TOC it is as to the likelyhood of a setlement.
  20. well you need to look at the Terms and conditions of the pass to see whether it is or it isn't, it may make a big difference.
  21. If the ticket is zonal and you had a ticket to cover the other part then the train does not need to stop at the station where one becomes valid, however, it may be the case that the SYPTE card thing isn't valid at all on XC services meaning that this combo of tickets wouldn't be valid. Is the pass not valid on XC services?
  22. Answer me one question here, is the south yorkshire pass a "Zonal" or "rover" type ticket and did you have another ticket to cover you from the station you were travelling FROM to the boundary of the South Yorkshire travel pass?
  23. you can still stop it going to court by offering to pay their costs and the fare, FCC will 99% of the time settle out of court rather than go to court.
  24. i take it you had a ticket to "London Terminals"?
  25. I agree with you totally OC, the matter can be reported if fraud is suspected BUT you cannot be PF'd for being on a restricted ticket and it seems that a PF was issued in this instance. Here's a thought, (quite possibly putting 2 and 2 together and making 75, but.....) could it be possible that the passenger was asked to pay the excess but had no money, then the RPI decided to PF rather than report thr matter? On the PF notice, which box is ticket for "reason"? is it "00 No ticket"?
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