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  1. So the scenario is that you have used a ticket that had previously been used? did you put the ticket through any barriers?
  2. You should definiately let the local station manager know so that if nothing else the offending drain can be dealt with so that no-one else has a similar incident.
  3. Which TOC? Some are better than others. Also, can you give more details of the course of events?
  4. unfortunately Patrick everyone who travels on the railway is required to show a valid ticket and supporting documents for their journey, posters have left useful information here for you to try to assist your case and to advise you of where you/your son stands legally but just because it's not what you wanted to hear you don't need to take that attitude. Good luck with preceedings and hope that you have actually taken on board some of the things said here
  5. yes, but unfortunately your actions proved the intent.
  6. To be honest, your reason's for not buying the right ticket are one of the oldest excuses in the book- not saying that you didn't make a genuine mistake, but there are hundreds of instances of this on the network every day. Good luck by pleading not guilty but you'll be very lucky to get off.
  7. I've heard of two cases of fare evasion that have resulted in prison, one was for one day, one was for eight days imprisonment. After reading the full story of what you did I think it is highly unlikely that they will settle out of court and like someone else pointed out you may well be charged with fraud rather than under the regulation of railways act. This type of evasion is found out more often than people think! Good luck
  8. Some TOC's will prosecute persons of 17 or over, some only over 18's, I know of one TOC that pass on all their under 18's to the BTP, usually only results in a caution. Moral of the story though, buy a ticket!
  9. Hi, just stumbled on this, I have previously worked on the railway as a ticket inspector and hope to share my knowledge of ticket rules and regs etc on here. RPI
  10. At the end of the day you realise what you've done is wrong and you regret it, when they write to you ring them up and tell them that you know you've been stupid, and that you are prepared to pay the fare and any cost's that the TOC has incurred so fare and then hope for the best! Which TOC operates the station? Good luck!
  11. Out of interest, did you ever find your season ticket after the incident?
  12. Hi, not confusing a police caution to being cautioned, did the inspector read you a caution i.e. "you do not have to say anything, but...... blah blah"? If so then the TOC will probably deal with it with their in house prosecutuions unit, unfortunately, due to the seriousness of what you were caught for they probably will proceed with prosecution. I'm sure some of the more seasoned posters on here will agree that when the TOC write to you then don't let it lie and get in contact with them. This sort of fare evasion is in-part responsible for fare increases all the time!
  13. I believe you only have a certain amount of time to appeal after the court date, did the inspector caution you at the time? did you sign his notebook/caution pad? Unfortunately I think you may just have to pay the money as it's lapsed so long, although I should wait to see what other people say on this forum first.
  14. I agree with the others here, you don't get a ticket for that price and expect no strings! Had there been an inspector on the train you could have been cautioned, interviewed and reported for summons for travelling without a valid ticket and not having the means to purchase one. Although you were in possession of "a" ticket, it wasn't a "valid" ticket for that train therefore you would be treated as having no ticket. Probably not what you wanted to hear but thats how it is unfortunately. If you signed the notice then you have agreed to pay the amount due.
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