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  1. Hi, This appears to be a long post but please read it especially if you are worried about your debts / not sure what to do / on the verge of doing something about them! I posted on here around two months ago that my debts (totalling in the region of £28k on cards and loans) were getting too much and that I'd heard about CCCS & Payplan who set up debt management plans and was asking for advice on others experiences with these companies. There was then a subsuquent post advising that I decided to go with Payplan and was in the throes of liaising with them regarding them contacting
  2. Hi I am in the process of my DMP being arranged via Payplan, they have approached my creditors and are awaiting response from them as to my proposed repayments each month in a DMP. I have today received a letter from a company called Global Vantedge writing on behalf of MBNA saying they have been asked by MBNA to contact me in relation to my outstanding amount (last months minimum payment, not the total amount outstanding) and prompting me to send a cheque to MBNA in chester or pay via card to Global Vantedge via phone! What is more interesting is that the address on the letter is
  3. Hi all, Since my post a few weeks ago about setting up a dmp and wanting advice on who to go with I am not in the final stages of setting up dmp with payplan and all is going okay with this though it won't be up and running until the first week in November. Just 2 quick questions, this is the first month that I have not paid the minimum payments to the cards etc. I have been a little late with two card payments due within the last week and have one other on the 3rd November, I have made token payments in the bank over the counter to the late ones today of £1 (as advised by Payplan).
  4. This sounds like a fairly genuine request from the employer to establish if there is any support that they could provide or any reasonable adjustments that they could provide to enable you to return to work (such as p/t working / flexi hours etc..). I would ask them to clarify the reason for the meeting initially before doing anything else, I do think that saying it's just to 'touch base' does not give you enough information. I would also ask who will be present at the meeting. You may want to email them requesting this information in writing.
  5. Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback and views on what to do, most helpful! Just to update on where I am at, I had a phone appointment with a Payplan adviser at the start of the week, he went away with all the facts and figures and rang me back yesterday with the recommendation that I go for a DMP and I will have it all paid off in 3 years, based on the hopeful anticipation that all creditors will agree to freeze the interest. They are sending me the paperwork etc.. and I am in the processes of carrying out bank account changes etc at present. Assuming the I get the paper
  6. Me again..! You can get free employment advice from ACAS but must have all your facts clear. Their web-site is great and their phone number is also on there so call them tommorow. Drop me some answers to my previous post and I'll see if I can also give you more guidance. I'm no expert(!) but am a HR Manager who is appalled that there are employers out there who mis-treat their employees and so I try to give some basic guidance to people on here to fight back!
  7. Point 1. Who's responsibility is it to ensure the balst chiller is working correctly? Assuming it is every employees responsibility to highlight any problems with machinery / tools etc... why is he being singled out and being disciplined for not doing it? Assuming as you intimate that he did not incite other employees to use a wire to operate it, I would ask if they can please provide date(s) and time(s) of when he allegedly incited others to do this? A bit 'out there' but....is there CCTV in the area that this was supposed to have occured and if so, assuming they can pin-point the
  8. Not sure where that cool face appeared from at the start of my post - apologies, think my keyboard has gremlins!
  9. Hi, The statutory legal minimum holiday entitlement for a F/T employee working 5 days per week in the UK is now 28 days per annum (calculated as 5 days x 5.6 weeks =28) however employers can include bank holidays in this so many employers will say 20 personal days + 8 UK Bank holidays. In the case of P/T employees I can advise you that where your holidays are calculated based on the amount of days you work per week (as opposed to the amount of hours) you would simply multiply the days worked by 5.6 (F/T Equiv calculation) - so MarieFab would as she says get 17 days...important to note t
  10. "Later that evening, a colleague brought another letter round, this time a Disciplinary Procedure - Statement of Grounds Letter, inviting him to attend a disciplinary hearing next week. The reasons given (3) are very minor, untrue and extremely exxagerated. The boss has got the 2 new starters to write a statement agreeing to the findings and a long standing member of the team". When is the disciplinary hearing and can you post the exact wording of the letter on here? You say colleagues have given statements, are they statements as witnesses to the 3 alledged issues?
  11. First thing is you say your partner gave the required 12 weeks notice. However he has worked there 5 years and the contractual requirement as you posted from his terms and conditions states in point i) if more than 2 years but less than 12 years, one week for each completed year of continuous employment subject to a minimum of 8 weeks. I would therefore interpret this to mean that he only has to give 8 weeks notice?? Going back to re-read other areas of your post and will come back to you on some other points shortly!
  12. Yes, I agree with this post. You may not have stolen the company van as you returned it but you did retain the cash earned from one of their customers who called the company for assistance, whilst driving their company vehicle, therefore I would query whether it's the theft the cash that the Manager was referring to and not theft of the van? Regardless..... as per my previous posts, procedure followed is flawed!
  13. Great, okay. A contract can be written down or agreed verbally. However, you are legally entitled to a written statement of particulars within 2 months of starting in a job. This should outline at the very least the main particulars relating to your employment such as your name, start date, role, salary and how you are paid and notice period. It doesn't sound like you have this but can evidence through your bank statements and with payslips that you worked for them - to be honest I'm not entirely sure how this will impact on them now that you are not working their any more but I would
  14. Okay. How were you paid, through the books PAYE or cash in hand? The reason I ask this is that you may have other things to consider if you take this further.
  15. Whoops the last line on my previous post should have said I'll come back to you!!
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