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  1. You can do online debt managment with the CCCS now and they give you all the info that you need including what your next move should be etc. They have been very good help to me in the past. Could not fault their help.
  2. Very true. But you never know. If you dont ask you dont get. But if its got this far I suppose you kinda get used to the good old DCA's!
  3. OK you are right and I do apologise. So here is the Order that worked for me. Obviously it will need editing to your own circumstances. Thanks to FG for this. Hope this will be of help to someone. WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE AS TO COSTS Dear Sir, With reference to your claim in Northampton County Court; Claim No: I am in receipt of your latest correspondence dated xx/xx/xxxx in which you request my proposals to settle the above matter. I make my response as follows. Having assessed the contents of the documentation you sent me, I am of the opinion that (a) the sum you a
  4. @Cupcake just a heads up, your PM box is full so I cant send you another PM. @bradfordlad On its way!
  5. Afraid not as it was all done by PM, will PM it to you no problem. The only thing is I sent this as a Consent Order but im assuming its the same sort of thing as a Tomlin Order? Bare with me while I find it
  6. You offer them a Tomlin with the terms that you want.
  7. LOL thanks again pt, Bryan Carter would say its a Seagull. Guess im gonna sign it then. Sorry for the slight Hijack of your thread cupcake but I suppose this is another lesson from the school boy that is Bryan Carter. If you decide to try and go for a Tomlin Order or as BC thinks, a Consent Order? give me a shout and I can let you have a look at my letter that FG helped do for me. Also if you get chance pt could you please have a quick browse through my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?274081-Urgent-Help-Needed-Please-Bryan-Carter-Have-issu
  8. I wish I could understand all this legalise stuff Still not clear if I have a Consent Order or a Tomlin order?
  9. Ahh OK thanks pt. So do you know if this would affect my Consent Order or would the Court take it as a Tomlin Order? This is confusing the hell out of me now. Typicall Bryan Carter style. Even in the letter they sent with this CO the grammar is terrible.
  10. Thanks again pt but sorry to be stupid as most of what you have quoted goes straight over my head Any chance of a translation as I dont think Google does a translator for the above quote.
  11. Mmmm so what would happen if I were to sign this CO that BC has sent through? It clearly says in capital letters CONSENT ORDER with all my and the Claimants details above it?
  12. Thanks pt. I dont really want to flood this thread with my problems but I am asking as im in the same boat as cupcake and have just recieved a CO from BC today. The Shedule I have is as follows: 1. The Claimant agrees to accept the sum of ???> in settlement of the total claim payable by instalments of ?????, first payment commencing xxxxxx and on the same day each month thereafter. 2. The Claimant agrees not to enter Judgement on the condition that the arrangement is maintained. 3 The Claiment be at liberty to restore proceedings if the Defendant defaults in payment arr
  13. So would a Consent Order with a Schedule that has i.e. The Claimant agrees not to enter Judgement on the condition that the arrangement is maintained? not be any good and could they still go for a CCJ?
  14. Have you considered a Consent Order? Just a thought?
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