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  1. Thank you Manxman , You have fully understood and I can see what you say makes perfect sense and that is exactly the position from the council and the ombudsman. I have to try though (and I will try and if I get any joy I'll come back here and post etc ) orit would bother me for the rest of my life . thank you again David
  2. Thank you Manxman that was very helpful i shall use that bit about the interests of justice. Yes you are right it would be unlikely for me to find the evidence I'm clutching at straws now to be honest. I had intended to say my telephone call was direct evidence it was just a matter whether or not it was believed or not like in that link. And if it were believed a full investigation would have taken place but what you say is better , if the reviewer was concerned enough etc , in fact I might say both . These things I think are designed to put people of , the stress was unbelievable
  3. Yes that's exactly what happened mans man when you ask is that what happened at the end of your second paragraph. The relevance of the telephone conversation ( and yes they are denying it took place ) is that when the person changed her mind and said to me she was going to award 2 hrs care , it was exactly when they ( the council ) received the award from the government. Realising it would cost the council nothing . Mum was assessed by them a week before and the answer was the private care of 2 hrs was enough but on receiving the award then it was upped to 4 hrs. This goes against
  4. Apologies bank fodder here's what happened. I received an an emergency phone call from my mother December 2018 she lives in Scotland I'm in england south coast I'm her only son and dad is dead. I arrived to find her at deaths door really ill she was 81 no food in house . I took her to the adult social work dept who told me to get care in place and they would be out to assess in due coarse etc. I had to return in to England two weeks later but in the meantime I had a care company in place. I was funding two hours per week it was all I could afford as I'm disabled as wel
  5. Hi honey bee , I got all mums hospital records along with all the records from the care company. The timeline shows what Ive asserted to the claims reviewer i.e. That the care from the council came after the funding from the uk government . I was paying for 2 hours and the council funding 2 hrs but only after they knew it was at no cost to them. I've given all this to the ombudsman ( the bundle was about 6 inches thick by the time I got mums hospital records and yes I asked for her records from council under specific laws which I can't remember of the top of my head but
  6. Hello, I'm dealing with the public services ombudsman and I explained that I had a telephone call that I had with a councils care partnership , anyway the complaints reviewer has responded saying he would not progress things to the actual ombudsman saying that the reason is that my evidence was circumstantial so the investigation by him took the side of the care partnership. It's a long drawn out complaint to do with the council not funding care to my mother who died and only giving care after the uk government funded it so the council had no cost to them etc and anywa
  7. yes it was a message my housing manager left about a neighbour from hell who lives above me. she didn't know I kept the message and for the next two years or so, totally contradicted the message in writing. Ive done a blog - frustratedtenant.tumblr.com and was thinking of adding this answerphone message because it shows that my housing association were aware of the situation in March 2014. I am a bit unsure of the legalities of doing this but on the other hand, I have suffered because of the housing association negligence and really would like to expose them.
  8. Hello, I want to post a message my landlord left on my answerphone on a blog that im doing about them. Is this ok to do ? Is it legal ? Ive searched online and can only find answers that apply to the USA and even then its not an easy answer to find , some say its ok , some say beware etc. I think the message left now belongs to me , is that correct ? If so then it should be ok to post it ? Thanks for any help. David
  9. I have involved my local environmental health and the housing ombudsman regarding an issue I have with a neighbour from hell who is severely mentally ill and lives directly above me in a flat. I am in a flat below him. The problem is that he lives in squalor etc and has also broken a few windows in his flat that are very dangerous .Also there is serious asb issues . Anyway to cut a long story short , both the ombudsman and the environmental health have written to my landlord telling them to repair these windows, but for 8 months now the landlord is still saying they cant gain access to repa
  10. In Jan this year I wrote to the C.E.O. of my housing association complaining about a person in their call center who was disregarding my disabilities when dealing with my phone calls. The C.E.O appointed someone to investigate but the person did not investigate. I again wrote to the C.E.O. two months later complaining that no response from the said person had been received , not even an acknowledgement and then approx one month following this , the appointed person responded. I received apologies and compensation and was assured their system now reflected my disabi
  11. I had the very same thing. Its a dirty tricks tactic from the other side. There will be a date set by the court which will say something like "the bundle to be aggreed by such and such date" What happened to me was that the respondents solicitors were sending me various bundles with things missing etc and telling me it was "the aggreed bundle " I simply told them that the bundle wasnt aggreed. They did this months before the court date just trying to stress me out and confuse me i beleive. The important thing is the date set by the court and the court ( if the bundle is not aggreed s
  12. yes thats the site rachel its been a great help to me in many ways
  13. Hi , I got told the very same thing and started to google to check things out . in my case it was the respondent giving witness statements that were almost word for word the same . If you google employment law naomi cunningham you will find a very good site with tactics etc and a very good blog with lots of information. one of the blog posts addresses this matter and the reason given for being preferable to have individual statements is that it would be very rare for witnesses to see and express what they have seen in exactly the same way. whilst there is nothing wrong in this practice it
  14. I think that the employment tribunal needs to know that their failure to disclose is predicucing your case ( remember the et do not know this yet ) get your solicitor to ask for a court order for them to disclose.
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