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  1. yes it was a message my housing manager left about a neighbour from hell who lives above me. she didn't know I kept the message and for the next two years or so, totally contradicted the message in writing. Ive done a blog - frustratedtenant.tumblr.com and was thinking of adding this answerphone message because it shows that my housing association were aware of the situation in March 2014. I am a bit unsure of the legalities of doing this but on the other hand, I have suffered because of the housing association negligence and really would like to expose them.
  2. Hello, I want to post a message my landlord left on my answerphone on a blog that im doing about them. Is this ok to do ? Is it legal ? Ive searched online and can only find answers that apply to the USA and even then its not an easy answer to find , some say its ok , some say beware etc. I think the message left now belongs to me , is that correct ? If so then it should be ok to post it ? Thanks for any help. David
  3. I have involved my local environmental health and the housing ombudsman regarding an issue I have with a neighbour from hell who is severely mentally ill and lives directly above me in a flat. I am in a flat below him. The problem is that he lives in squalor etc and has also broken a few windows in his flat that are very dangerous .Also there is serious asb issues . Anyway to cut a long story short , both the ombudsman and the environmental health have written to my landlord telling them to repair these windows, but for 8 months now the landlord is still saying they cant gain access to repair these windows. By the way , I also am covered by the equalities act as I have been diagnosed with O.C.D.. and also physically disabled as well ,and these windows are causing me distress because of my O.C.D. disability. The environmental heath say as I live in a housing association property I have to make my own application for statutory nuisance under section 82 of the environmental heath act, regarding these windows that the association are not repairing ( or being unreasonably slow in doing so ) What I would like to know is , if I make my own application to the court giving the court the works order from the environmental heath and the recommendations from the housing ombudsman that both say the association should repair these windows, would that get the job done ? The tenant as I say has severe mental heath issues and refuses to allow anyone in his property, which is why the association have been refusing to deal with this in the first place. I intend to make the section 82 application against the association . Thanks for looking and any advice would be greatly received. David
  4. In Jan this year I wrote to the C.E.O. of my housing association complaining about a person in their call center who was disregarding my disabilities when dealing with my phone calls. The C.E.O appointed someone to investigate but the person did not investigate. I again wrote to the C.E.O. two months later complaining that no response from the said person had been received , not even an acknowledgement and then approx one month following this , the appointed person responded. I received apologies and compensation and was assured their system now reflected my disabilities. Now fast forward a few months when I had a water leak from my internal mains cold water stopcock under my sink , which to cut a long story short took the housing association two months to repair and involved me bending up and down to empty containers each morning. I complained again not to the C.E.O. but through their normal complaints procedure asking why so long considering I have it in writing from the C.E.O. that I am flagged as vulnerable (my spine is totally knackered and have problems walking and bending up and down etc). This complaint revealed that I wasn't flagged as a vulnerable person, despite my previous complaint to the C.E.O. and the assurance I would be flagged as being disabled, it wasn't done. In my communication with the housing association it emerged that the person I had originally complained about in Jan to the C.E.O. about was a manager and had actually written the housing associations complaints procedure ! and the person appointed to investigate worked directly under them so would be investigating their manager ! This probably explains why I had to write twice to the C.E.O. to get a response to my original complaint. But my question is - is their anything I can do about being told by the C.E.O. that their system would reflect my disabilities and it not being done as confirmed by the subsequent complaint ? Even though i received fifty pounds through the governments right to repair scheme which sets out timescales for repairs and compensation for overdue repairs etc I feel that because I complained about this manager who wrote their complaints procedure the appointed person to investigate would have been under pressure by this manager and this explains why I had to write twice to the C.E.O. etc and I feel its terrible that I was told I was flagged as vulnerable a nd It wasn't done and I would like to hit back at an uncaring housing association . Any advice much appreciated
  5. I had the very same thing. Its a dirty tricks tactic from the other side. There will be a date set by the court which will say something like "the bundle to be aggreed by such and such date" What happened to me was that the respondents solicitors were sending me various bundles with things missing etc and telling me it was "the aggreed bundle " I simply told them that the bundle wasnt aggreed. They did this months before the court date just trying to stress me out and confuse me i beleive. The important thing is the date set by the court and the court ( if the bundle is not aggreed simply tell the court) .remember the other side wont play fair !
  6. yes thats the site rachel its been a great help to me in many ways
  7. Hi , I got told the very same thing and started to google to check things out . in my case it was the respondent giving witness statements that were almost word for word the same . If you google employment law naomi cunningham you will find a very good site with tactics etc and a very good blog with lots of information. one of the blog posts addresses this matter and the reason given for being preferable to have individual statements is that it would be very rare for witnesses to see and express what they have seen in exactly the same way. whilst there is nothing wrong in this practice it suggests copying and pasting of documents etc and might be easy to show this in cross examination and therefore weaken the said statements. So although its more of a pain due to time and effort to obtain individual witness statements it will go a long way in showing the court as to whos statements are the most beleivable
  8. I think that the employment tribunal needs to know that their failure to disclose is predicucing your case ( remember the et do not know this yet ) get your solicitor to ask for a court order for them to disclose.
  9. Hey I dont recognise the wedding as well, nobody i know does as well not that i want to detract from the issues of a fee bank holiday, bring that on !!l
  10. Me id go for option 2 you have to defend your self but be nice dont mention names as to the other people who are doing similar things unless asked to, say that they are ,say you are sorry and wont do it again. If the worst happens ypu will at least have a comparitor for tribunal purposes
  11. This happened to me, small company 10 or so employees I hated it of with the tie on with the tie etc how on earth is it possible to go back to an office and work properly. On hindsight any complaints would be covered by the companies need to ask employees to diversify etc. As it happenes I got sacked for another thing ( totaly unrelated). From what I gather employment law is very complicated and the best advice I could give is Be absolutely sure you cant go on with the situation. Make your stand and stick to it. Do things be the book in writing etc
  12. Thanks papa and sarel, What a system eh, a court system without justice . Not long now though. Ill think over your advice papa and sarel Thanks again
  13. Hi everybody , Its been a while since ive posted anything but I have been reading various posts once or twice about these employers that for want of better words have" puled a dirty" on employees. ( I can totally understand how you feel ) My case will be over in may win or loose etc. My feeling is that ill win but i have a question (as always ) Suppose for what ever reason I want my satisfaction in court ( regardless of any offer that may be offered in settlement ) do I have that right ? or would any offer if made affect the way the court views me ? Its been two years of the worst stress Ive ever had and to be honest id like to win in court to " really win " . Any input as always will be gratefully received Thanks
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