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  1. They have wrote to my husband too saying same thing but no mention of just my share? Just on the property x
  2. It does say notice to parties served with this interim charging order 3. Where the interim charging order has been made by a court officer, any party may request that the decision be reconsidered by a district judge. 4. Unless the judgement debtor or any other person files and serves their objection to the continuation of the charge in writing within 28 days the application will be considered by a district judge? So is it worth my while writing to object?
  3. Attached is a copy of the interim charging order accompanying n379 application that was submitted with the ccmcc which granted the aforementioned order. Shall I post copy of chargin order but blurr out my details?
  4. Last year I think I received a claim form in the county court business centre is that a ccj? Sorry for my ignorance X I was on maternity so was all over the place x
  5. Hi, Could anyone help me please. I've received a letter today advising me a debtor is trying to apply for a charging order against my property. How do I object to this and what are my best arguments for this action not take place? It was a debt I had with barclaycard and I was paying £1 a month good will gesture payment but they since sold debt on to a number of companies so every time I wrote to new debtor advising offer of payment was alway transferred to another . Then next thing I know received this in post! Any advise will be appreciated x Thanks
  6. I've tried to negotiate with Cash Capitlal but they will not accept any less than £1088 which is just not possible as recently had a baby!x What are my chances on issuing a claim to county court and does it cost me anything?x
  7. Hi, When I contacted Cash Capital they did give me opportunity to buy it back from then for £1088 even though the person owes more that that apparently and its occurring interest each week! I obviously already paid for the car in cash Conniff I'm not sure if it's a log book loan? I will try and call them tomorrow and see if I can find out. There name is not on the vehicle document.
  8. I'm not actually sure guys I will look into and get as much info as possible asap. Thanks
  9. Thank you will report to Gumtree and have the address and phone number for the person so will look into county court. I contacted the police and they was not interested
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