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  1. Thank you. I'll think about it. Look at the forms and letters ect. Contact PP on Monday and get back to you... Thanks so much for your help
  2. Thanks. I was thinking in the early hours of this morning that I need to get the paperwork back from Paypla. Can't do this until Monday now. I was really upset Friday as my partner called Payplan to ask what we should do next and they said they are unable to help us it is a legal issue but they helped to fill in the form for the CCJ the first time.....I just don't understand why they would do that then drop us. I am not sure whether we would have contested the fact that we owe the debt but I want the case to be closer so that we can at least go along and state what I have said above to try and
  3. Hi Sorry as always if I am writing in the wrong place but I am looking for some advice. We have been following a Debt Management Plan with Payplan since about May this year and the majority of the creditors have accepted our offers and if not there credit agencies have .... that is all accept Northern Rock. Thye have not been happy from the start and I don't blame them howeve the loan that we have with them is one of our smaller loans. It is unsecured and we have had it the longest. We received a letter from a solicitors stating that the case had been taken to the Mayors
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I guess we have just found ourselves in a situation and not known where to turn. We were on the edge of going bankrupt and losing everything before we heard of Payplan. They have helped but as I said previously I do feel that they are the ones in control and not me. I will look into sending the CCA letters off to the creditors and see what comes back. In regards to the court papers I fear it is too late to get these back as they have now been sent on. I guess we can just put a case together when they decide to take us to court. It has all been so confusing and many t
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/220198-debts-payplan-court-papers.html I have now linked it to the legal pages. In reagrds to the CCA letters I have read something about not admitting to the debt - we will have done this by joining Payplan won't we?
  6. About the payments - Payplan said that we can send the solicitors proof of payment if we like? But us not Payplan?
  7. We received N1 court papers which Payplan asked my partner to sign and send to them. We did this. Payplan then sent these back to the solicitors for NR and said that there would be a judgement hearing or something and then depending on whether NR want to accept our offer depends on what happens from there? Payplan said that there is no point in them listing all the outcomes from the solicitor as we would get confused so we just have to wait to hear? Is this not right? I did think it strange that we would not be told if there is a court date? I am not sure what they meant by judgement? Payplan
  8. The funny thing is they didn't ask any security questions at all! Thanks - I will stop answering and calling them and will hoep that Payplan contacts them like I have asked.
  9. Thanks for your help pgh7447 Payplan did think it strange that the creditor would choose to take us to court when we had started an agreement with them although I am not sure if they agreed and Payplan said all our creditors can take us to court if that is what they want to do. Apparently NR always try to secure the payments in this way and we just have to wait for the papers to come back from the solicitors with a judgement. Thanks again I will try and work out how to link this in the legal forum
  10. PS I forgot to mention that although the agreement and letter from Link was addressed to my partner I called Link to state that we were with Payplan and that I would be passing their letter on to Payplan in order for them to discuss the account. (my partner is out all day) I also mentioned the car being detailed on the letter and they said they are unable to discuss the account with me due to Data Protection. I put the phone down and started scanning letter to Payplan and the phone went - It was Link - 5mins after I put the phone down! They asked if my partner was in - I said I have just spoke
  11. Hi I am new to here so sorry if I am in the wrong forum. I have read many of the posts on here and found them helpful. I am currently with Payplan with my partner to pay off the debts that we have but finding the whole process a bit worrying. I have read lots on thhis site about asking for CCA's but feel this is not an option I can take now I am with Payplan - is that right? I feel like eveything to do with our debts is out of my hands as Payplan are currently dealing with it and I just wonder whether people on here think we should have dealt with this ourselves rather tahn t
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