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  1. Hi there everyone, Received another letter last week from ccscollect.co.uk Debt Collectors (from same address as previous 2 letters). They have given me 72 hour notice of home visit. They say one of their collectors will visit me at home to - Obtain payment or agree a payment arrangement - Investigate your home situation prior to commencing court action They also say that my account will not be overlooked or forgotten and that they intend to resolve the matter to their client's satisfaction. The letter was dated 4/12/09 and so far no one has turned up. I assume this
  2. Thanks everyone, I will take great pleasure in ignoring them! It will save me a lot of time and stamps! Will let you know what happens.
  3. Thanks, I will definitely let everyone know how it goes, as I think it important people do report back what happened to them. It may then give others confidence to stand up to these companies.
  4. Hi there, Re my earlier posts in September. I chose to take your advice and not pay up. I have now received a further letter from Valley Enforcement upping the charge to £130. Their letter refers to a parking charge and does look very official eg Bank Giro payment slip, reference to DVAL and Information Commission should I wish to complain about data used inappropriately. Registered company no etc. Has anyone had dealings with this particular company? I would like to know what I am in for! I was proposing to send them the letter for those that had already had their app
  5. Ok, everyone has convinced me not to be a wimp, they can whistle for their money! I was robbed once (my son's bike) so am not about to get robbed twice. They can take me to court if they want! Will be in touch, if I need any more help. PS, my niece's boyfriend is not a moron. My niece said it wasn't his area of expertise, so I think they were more her thoughts not his!
  6. I guess I could use the 'unfair punishment /punishment too harsh" defence. The supply of 'free service' one, am not sure about, as the car park was only free for the first 90 minutes, had I intended to stay longer (which I didn't) a charge would have been payable - could they argue that they could not tell whether I had outstayed the 90 minutes or not?
  7. Hi there, My niece, who is going out with a solicitor, reckons that I have no defence, given that, if they take me to court, they have a letter from me admitting that I was driving and that the ticket had fallen on the floor of the car - hence can't use the 'not the driver' card. Sometimes telling the truth obviously does not pay! Also, she says that not reading the sign is no defence, as the signs are there to be read and, as with insurance policies, etc you have to read the "small print". She also says if they won in court I would have to pay their costs too although she also reck
  8. Dear Crem Yes, it would have delighted me also to take back my son's birthday present to Argos - unfortunately, it was an IPOD and is not covered by their 30 refund guarantee unless it is faulty, so I'm stuffed on that one. The manager in Argos was sympathetic, but said it was the landlord who employed the parking enforcement company and they could do nothing about it. She did also say the parking patrol man was on commission - he probably saw my open window and knew exactly what had happened - I hope the same happens to him one day! I wonder if enough people threatened to boy
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply. Just went to Citizens Advice Bureau - they said I could pay first and then appeal, but I suspect I will never see my money again if I do that. They also said I could try writing directly to the landlord. Do you know if anyone has tried and succeeded with either of these approaches? Also has anyone had any dealings with Valley Enforcement Ltd - their website did look very above-board and they say they are a British Parking Association member. Thanks
  10. Hi can anyone help? I received my first private parking fine last week. I had gone to a retail park to buy my son's birthday present, obtained a free 90 minute parking ticket from the machine and displayed on my dash board. It was a hot day and I had forgotten to close my passenger window when I left my car and inevitably the ticket had blown on to the floor. I received a £100 parking ticket (reduced to £70 if paid within a certain time). I was very upset by this, and immediately appealed providing a copy of my ticket showing time obtained 13.04, a copy of my Argos receipt showing my purc
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