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  1. we have nothing in writing, it's all been done over the phone, which i now realise is a mistake. i will look into welfare rights centres, i will also look into writing to the c.e.o. of the council thanks for your help, i'm going to try and sleep now, but i will check back 1st thing in the morning
  2. thats right, sorry i wasn't clear, but all 6 kids are ill and it's hard not geting any sleep for 2 days
  3. we keep geting bailiffs coming round for council tax it's claimed we owe from 2006. we do not owe this money, i was a victim of i.d. theft. we have had loads of companies claiming i owe money from this address, all have backed off and cleared me after i gave them a crime referance number. the council are saying they wont accept a crime referance as proof the debt isn't mine. i've been and spoken to the police officer who is dealing, and he said as the victim of the offence is the council, they need to report it as a crime. the council say they won't report it as the have my name
  4. police have had a statment off of us, i suppose they now investigate
  5. update, they admitted they cut it, they said they couldn't get paint out of her hair with baby wipes so they cut it. when asked why they didn't send her home for us to clean up they just shrugged, when i asked why they lied to us they shrugged. this is not what i expect from a surestart run nursery. we have contacted ofsted, the school goveners and a solicitor, the solicitor also told us to contact the police. when we called the police, we were shocked that they are taking this very seriously saying it may not only be assult, but may also be classed as abuse. dd is now
  6. here's some extra info she is 2 and a half, but only has a mental age of 1, she can't talk so can't tell us what happened we have had other problems with the nursery, ie- sending her home in wet clothes after playing in water, giving her milk when they know she's lactose intollerant and clothing going missing from her bag we went to the nursery last week intending to pull her out, but they convinced us to keep her there, she's only been going for 3 weeks and has no friends there
  7. the nursery are denying it happened, i dropped her off and i picked her up just 3 hours later, she did have paint in her hair. this is far from the first incident with the nursery
  8. out 2 year old daughter come home from nursery yesterday with about 2 inch of hair missing, it's been done very badly, it looks like someone put it into a ponytail and just chopped 2 inch off the length, what are out rights and who do we complain to? the nursery is denying it, but we know it happened there. we have already told them she wont be returning
  9. we are in england, and we have an asured shorthold tenancy until february next year
  10. we are going to write to our landlord as they are failing to do repairs, we have damp and mould on several walls, floorboards collapsing, cracks in a load bearing wall, smoke alarm goes off for no reason any time of day or night, one wooden window frame rotted to extent window is dangerous, ect... what i want to know is, how long do i give them to do the repairs? i intend to say they have 1 month to do them or i will call envionmental (spelling?) health in. we have been telling them about some of these problems for 6 months. also do i take the letter in in person or post it recorded
  11. thanks for the reply the bailiff didn't show any i.d. i am going to report it to the police, i hate people calling me offensive names, especialy in front of my children. are we classed as vounrable due to me been out of work and my wife disabled?
  12. at 7am this morning a bailiff from swift came to our door claiming to be collecting council tax for mansfield d.c. we have never heared of the address he said he was claiming we owed money on. i told him i was denying him entry and would continue to do so. he then called me several rude names and swore at me. i am out of work and have a disabled wife and disabled 2 year old, so we can't afford to pay a bill that isn't ours. we are now keeping our door locked, we could also put a lock our our garden gate, would the bailiff be allowed to climb over if this was locked? i
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