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  1. its something that i would like to do, in fact i wouldnt want to at all. i would rather come to a plan and get this sorted. i will have to check the statements out tonight. i couldnt tell you...so, if up until a month ago they were still applying 'late fee' and interest...what does this mean??? i worry about the future too, trying to get mortgages and stuff.
  2. You are right, they have pretty much worried me completely, even though its not my card its my husband's and he is really relaxed about it all. because he has been burying his head in the sand i dont know, but i am pretty certain, well almost 100% almost up to a month ago he was still getting a statement from RBS like you would every month asking for a payment....where does that leave me?
  3. Ok, i will make sure that everything is done by letter in future. i will sort the letter to Triton today and then did you say that they have 12 days to return a copy of the CCA. once i receive that...then what is the next step. lets just say that the application has been signed and dated blah blah...then what happens?
  4. got my husband's reference details with me today so i am going to write to Triton for a copy of the CCA. if i receive a letter from Green and Co in the meantime do i call them and let them know that i have written to Triton for a copy of the CCA??
  5. thank you...this all seems very unreal not knowing each others name, i am not sure of the rules of the website if i am allowed to sign off my name.... i do thank you, i hope so much this gets sorted.
  6. many, many thanks for your time, i will do that if i figure out how to do it!!!! last night, i couldnt even eat with worry i hope tonight i might be able to stomache something.
  7. katpuss, thank you so much...... sorry but what does 'PM' mean.
  8. thank you all sooo much. first things first, i need to get a copy of the CCA. how will i ever get them to agree to £40 per month...i cant see it happening. my husband said they seemed adamant.
  9. so....this week some time a solicitors letter from Green and Co will turn up. do we still deal with Triton the debt collectors cos i can imagine the letter will say it has been passed from Triton and court proceedings will start. i am dreading it..my husband aint worried, but i am.
  10. we can pay it. i just want it sorted. Fred, i dont understand if they have declined £350 how they will take the offer of £40. How do we get their bank details, give them a call...or do all this in writing letting them know we will set up a standing order and ask for their details. thank you for your help.
  11. so, even though they blatantly said £350, you reckon pay the £40 which we could afford....i dont understnd, will they accept that and give their bank details out?? thanks for your help
  12. no. basically what happened he hasnt paid his RBS card for ages. got a letter from Triton called them last night they said the minimum is £350 or pay in full. which are both out of the question. he told them he would pay £40 per month they blatantly said no and said he would get a solicitors letter within 7 days with the mention of court proceedings as £40 is not enough. so now waiting for solicitor letter. really really worried.
  13. what actually happens with court proceedings. my husband has been threatened with this yet a friend of mine was sent a letter in August and still hasnt heard anything. surely things must happen eventually.
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