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  1. Hi everybody, Received this from APEX, would liked to know what you think? Extract only seems to be a photocopy of thir standard letter. We have attempted to contact you on numerous occasions without success. Take notice that although you may now be iiving overseas permanently, this debt is still enforceable by law You have chosen to ignore previous attempts to settle this seriously overdue account; therefore your details will now be passed to our international law practice to commence proceedings against you in your local jurisdiction. The litigation department of our international l
  2. Thks postggi, Just a footnote, the agreement for the overdraft was taken out in 2000/2001 I believe, Does the 6 year limitations apply?
  3. Hi All, follow up on this thread, just received a letter from Apex stating that if I do not contact within 72 hrs they will pass this to their international lawyers, where do i stand on this, with the economic climate as it is I have just enough money to survive here in the Philippines. The as been passed on to them from another DCA. Have taken advice of other threaders on this site to ignore it. Been out of UK for over 10 years now. The original debt was to Barclays Bank on overdraft Approx 3000 pounds. The debt started when I was in Kuwait working and the cost of living was so high in 2002
  4. Hi, I would liked to know if Debt Collectors Agencies can touch my Service and State pension, I live in the Philippines and have done so for the past 6 years. Have a small debt in UK of 2900 pounds, have no UK address. Any advice appreciated. miradav
  5. Thks jimdev1976, any developments will update.
  6. Hi, An update to the above have now recieved another letter from NCO Europe asking me to contact them asap, and had 2 phone calls of them. 1. Do I contact them or just simply ignore it? With some other threads I have seen, they say just ignore them as it will probley cost more to get the money than the debt which is outstanding. Also I believe that CCJ,s are not enforceable outside the EU, is this correct? As I live in the Philppines and have a residency visa. Thks
  7. Hi BankFodder No account with Barclays here, they have closed the account in UK. Thanks for the other tips.
  8. Hi everybody, So glad I found this site. Basically, I owe about 2K on an overdraft with Barclays. I lived and worked abroad for the last 10 years, and I retired to the Philippines after the the contract in Kuwait finished. Was having my salary and service pension paid into an account with Barclays. After moving to the Philippines 5 years ago every thing was fine up to 1 year ago when the finicial crash happened and my overdraft started to build up.I wrote to Barclays to tell them I was having difficulty and that I could not pay. After sending 3 letters to get advise and help from Barcla
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