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  1. Well there are many instances where I have completely ignored them and they eventually give up. If I have ever had a court summons, 9/10 they havent actually got any evidence and have backed down or lost the case. I might get a letter once every few months but essentially they have given up. HOWEVER, if i made once little squeak in their direction about anything, the whole nightmare will start again. In any event - how dare they hound people without being in the absolute knowledge they have all the evidence required by law? They should be put out out of business by civil disobedience
  2. yeah so what??? thats as rare as rocking horse s**t an you know it. stop encouraging people to do things that are almost impossible. These companies are incredibly rapacious and like the terminator they will never, ever give in unless your case is absolutely watertight. Even if it is watertight, make it difficult for them, don't make it easy. Make them waste their time and resources chasing you to a fruitless, penniless end. They are the **** of society, feeding off the weak. Well done, as soon as they finished with you they were able to jump all over some poor old lady, or some poor
  3. nope, not in my experience. In my experience - once you put your head above the trenches you get your head shot off. maybe go back to the original lender, but once the horrible t8888ers at moorcroft have it they dont ever let go if they think they have you. keep as silent and as impossible to identify and/or contact as possible, they might not give up but you will move down their list. also if you contact the original lender, they will say lots of sweet things to you - and then within a day or two moorcroft will be banging on your door. There is a caveat though - if the debt - if it is a
  4. It all depends on how much you owe, if you owe anything. You must ignore Moorcroft at all costs. Let them send their threatening little letters. If they do take you to court, then you will receive a summons and you can then have plenty of time to fight them. you will also have the protection of the court. Otherwise, just ignore them. Give them absolutely nothing to go on - they only go after the easy meat - ie people that try and do the right thing and negotiate, admit it and are easily contactable.
  5. Update. In a rare instance of good common sense, the owner of Military Fitness has written to me offering a perfectly rational, polite, sensible settlement. I will not say exactly what that was, but it was a good gesture and very welcome. Unusual in todays world, but welcome.
  6. @conniff Yes I can see what you have taken from their website - however, that is not where i joined from, and I have no idea if the information you have copied was shown in that way when I did join. And actually - reading through those rules I just mentioned, it seems that taking money for nothing - whether its in the T&Cs or not, is unfair. I will be serving them with a DPA notice anyway, and have already written to the OFT directorship responsible for recently berating health clubs doing this. I will be writing to my local trading standards tomorrow. I really do not think
  7. Hi Yes, that got stopped almost as quickly as they told me they would have their hand out for another months money. I signed something, I think, on the day, but I think that was just a Direct Debit form. I don;t recall any contract papers. The sad thing is they were a very friendly outfit on the ground - its just the attitude of their membership people. But that seems to be the case all the time. Gyms are all over the OFT website - there is something called "The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999" which is worth exploring.
  8. I was told at the point of sale (by the instructor in the park) that it was "so much a month". I reasonably assumed it was a month, and then as long as you keep paying you can keep going. I did not think I was joining an outfit like a big Gym. Fortunately the world does not allow people to sell services like that. I run a service company, and if I give vague allusions as to the terms and conditions, I have absolutely no right to make them up a few months later and take money from peoples account without their express agreement. Again, fortunately, the law acts to protect the unwary o
  9. @Conniff Did you read what I said ? You clearly did not. You clearly have some blinkered attitude that sent you into a fit of pique, making you say something utterly stupid. You use of the word "civvy" seems to indicate a bias which you should not be proud of as it makes you sound like an idiot. READ WHAT I SAID. I said they HAD NOT told me, or sent me me ANYTHING - let alone a document about a 3 month (actually 4 if you slip up) commitment. Neither was I verbally told this at any point in time. ON TOP OF THAT, it is November 3rd. They also want Decembers money as well - thats
  10. I went to a BMF intro class i early Sept. I liked it, and signed up then and there with one of their instructors. As bad luck would have it - I couldn't get to another class that month, and as Autumn was approaching I didn't want to do it anyway. I paid for that month because thats what I was told was the commitment. I subsequently noticed a DD went out for September, October and now November!!!!! I have not used their services at all during this period. I called them up and said excuse me - but I think you have been taking my money by accident. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was
  11. asking them is no good. they will only remove it if they HAVE to.
  12. Come on - wake up and smell the coffee beans, its a red light camera! There are no mitigating circumstances unless you have definite proof. Crying in front of a Magistrate never, ever works, they see it every day. Your only hope is that the camera was not functioning properly. As offences go its the lowest of the low - so prostrating yourself samurai style is just going to make you look silly. Fight it technically - its your only real hope.
  13. has anyone ever actually had a result out of all this legal stuff? Is it really worth me trawling through it all - or do Egg have all the power they need?
  14. My credit history is perfect. I never missed a payment in the 10 years I've had a Virgin Mastercard. I am solvent and have lots of savings. My interest rate has just gone up to 34.9 % APR. They give me no particular reason for this. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue ? Or am I paying over the odds for someone with a perfect score ?
  15. My Egg credit card interest rate just jumped... has anyone elses ? If we all shared information like this we can stop their little "divide and rule" shennanigans. My credit history is perfect. My rate is 29.9% APR. It was 16.9 a year ago. Anyone else???
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