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  1. Thankyou cerberusalert. I'll send them a letter stating its not my responsibility to provide information on a debtor and that I will be contacting trading standards. We'll see how it goes
  2. Hi again Sorry, I don't think I've explained my story very well so I'll start again I received a letter from Wescot stating they had been instructed by their client to collect a debt off me. They wrote back to me asking for my date of birth and my previous address in order for them to not breach the Date Protection Act and continue with my enquiry. They state they require the information by March 2nd. I am now wondering if I should reply giving them my DOB and previous address. It seems to be that they need this information to pin the debt on me, rather than aid w
  3. Thankyou. Massive mistake quoting an American act. I obviously referenced letters from an american debt collection help site. To my next letter I shall add I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY ALLEGED DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY/CLIENTS/ASSOCIATES/AFILLIATES So I should now send them a letter stating it is unfair practice to ask for my DOB and address within OFT Guidance. Are there any template letters relevant to this on the site? Thanks again for the help
  4. Hi I recently contacted Wescot Collection agency asking them for proof of the debt that I owe. They replied asking for my Date of Birth and my previous address in order for them to get the information due to the Date Protection Act? Shouldn't they already have this information on their system? I feel like they should and don't want to pass on any information that will put them in a position of power. They have given me until the 2nd of March to provide the information. I've had a look round the forums and can't find anything that states if I should or not. Any help would be much appr
  5. A quick update of where I am at. The current account debt of £1800 still exists and has been passed around several different debt collectors. I ignored the phone calls for so long that I no longer receive them, just occasional letters. My latest letter states that I should ring the collection agency as they are willing to make a deal with me and accept less money than I owe to clear the debt. This is pretty much what I have been waiting for, but I think I shall wait it out a bit longer as I presume they will make me offer if I wait it out. I no longer receive letters or phone
  6. Hi It has taken me a long while to reply to this message but here's where I am upto. My claim for charges was denied shortly after the appeal for bank charges didn't go through the courts. My account has now been defaulted. And I owe Halifax £1800. The £1800 has been moved to a debt agency called "Blair and Oliver" or something similar. They have been ringing since feb but I have been ignoring the calls. I am also getting letters stating I must 'pay NOW' and '5 days till we take serious action'. I have also ignored these letters. I have read and heard that the best thing to do
  7. Hey After waiting for along time I have eventually received some good news referring to my Credit Card account with Halifax. I received a letter that basically said all my charges and fees were in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account BUT have a refund of £513.63 (charges over the past 6 years with £31.51 interest and another £86.12 interest). This is really good, but is it possible to get more back? My CC was only for £1000 in the first place. Even though I have received this refund (it went through automatically) I still owe Halifax over £150 in interes
  8. To cut a long story short. I am over my arranged overdraft with Halifax by £682.44 I was waiting on a claim for my bank charges to come through (being sorted by Alison & Reilly Solicitors) but now that the courts have favored the banks it seems that Halifax will no longer wait on my claim and are demanding £682.44 off me before the 26th December. I have breached contract and they want me to pay up. Obviously I don't want to ring the Retail Bank Collections as they are a bunch of turds and never listen and always make agreements that I have not agreed too. What are my op
  9. Thats great, thanks alot. Ive had more of a read through the forum and feel I am ready to get started. I'll let you know how it goes
  10. Thanks for the advice. Ive had a look through the site but Im finding it quite confusing and dont really know where to start. Am I right in thinking that I need to initially send off this letter to Halifax? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/149449-put-your-credit-reference.html Do I just send it to my branch? Im sorry for being a pain, i just kinda need a simple step by step guide of what I need to do. Im sure theres probably one here on the site but I cant find it. I will keep reading through the forums anyway to get a jis
  11. Hey there Im a 24 year old student, studying in Manchester at MMU and am now going into my second year of study. I have had a halifax account for approx 10 years and now it seems to be coming to an end, and I am unsure on where I stand. I also have a credit card with Halifax. Before I was a student I worked full time and had a few late credit card payments, but nothing too drastic at all. A few months ago I accidently exceeded my overdraft limit of £1000 when a direct debit went out of my account. I suffered the obvious charges but had no money to get my account out of the red.
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