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  1. All others. My PC and FOS complaints have now been escalated like your's have been. Awaiting P&B's response, this should be interesting. Soon I will be filing to have monies already paid to me returned as without proof you own the debt then you are no better than a thug on the street. Will keep you updated. What ever happened to CV? Crawled under a rock or gotten a real job?
  2. Hi toto, Its a little more complex than what it written here. What is your situation? Feel free to PM me if you like but need to understand where you are at to help in anyway.
  3. Ozzy ozzy ozzy...the sharkies really! Coming from the "SHIRE" I still managed to avoid any affection for the sharkies! My family however.. well they're another story. Welcome back
  4. hi greeno I didnt receive an automatic response either but I do know they are well and truly on the case, just wading through all of our cases I suspect. Some others have had contact made so now its just a waiting game till they get to us too. Rest assured though, they are aware and answering all complaints in due course.
  5. Hey PD Feel free to PM me or WA newman for the details of a great legal team. Can't not believe it and can not believe Veda, we have just been through all of this with them, can not believe they have allowed another listing. So now you have the writ (me too) have they removed the default?
  6. Greeno feel free to PM one of us if you need any further help. Welcome to our club so to speak.
  7. yep CV while you're at it can you send me the CCA's, assignments etc my lawyer request 3mths ago, he hasn't gone anywhere either. I guess mail from Canada can take a while but 12 weeks is a bit slow don't you think?
  8. oh and while we are posting irrelevant websites here's one AmIAnnoying.com - 2005 - 100 Most Annoying
  9. CV, i truely hope for your sake you don't need our help and aren't in the same situation we are as you really haven't won any fans here....to which I will add today I was served (finally) and after daring openly on this forum to do so..any connection CV? Very happy to report I was as now I have a true and just platform in which to state my claim and settle this crap once and for all. Afterall I should be planning the PFF Xmas party and not pleading the bleading obvious. A little holiday to Perth coming up if any other PFFs care to join me!!
  10. yep with that response we have a winner, minion it is...hit a nerve did I?
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