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  1. In Swift land what they do or say is always right and good luck if you don't agree. They refunded me £600 from £31,000 of charges (I only had a mortgage with them for 30 months) Being Swift they didn't bother to break the refund down so I asked them to send one through. It took 3 requests to finally get it. @r5eh0les.
  2. Recently my MP got in touch with the FSA regarding my account and repossession. She got a reply from Clive Adamson, Director Of Supervision/Conduct Business Unit. He pointed me in the direction of the FOS regarding my complaint, but he added that Swift were carrying out this redress programme, so I've written him a letter today pointing out that with the FSAs blessing, Swift have paid back less then many of us paid to them. (If your interest rate was over 8%) And on top of that they will also be keeping the interest that 2 million pounds has made them over the years instead of it earning inter
  3. I spoke to Swift earlier regarding the interest they're paying on the refunds the FSA have told them to make. In my opinion it's obvious Swift should be paying back the interest I paid on the debt (10.5%) and then they should pay interest on the refund amount because they shouldn't have had it in the first place. No surprises that they refused categorically but the thing that irritated me most was this....their argument that they didn't have to pay back all the interest I've paid, or pay interest for the fact they've been holding my money, was that the FSA hadn't told them to. Thanks FSA. So S
  4. Sawyer, I've attached 2 files to this post. Are they what you are after? They are both Swift First tariff sheets. scan1.pdf scan2.pdf
  5. You may be able to answer something for me Dougal. Mine was a 1st mortgage with Swift First and all the paperwork has Swift First letter heading....until they sent replies to my SAR, and the two letters they sent (on totally different occasions) were both on Swift Advances letter heading. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi Mariknub What I was referring to (That Caro replied to) was Swift First. They've been investigated by the FSA and made to pay back certain charges and fees that were considered excessive. I don't think it included Swift Advances, although I believe they are also being investigated at the moment (Maybe somebody could correct me if I'm wrong) Apart from this refund which is small compared to the outrageous fees and interest rates I was charged, I've got my MP on the case and she is in touch with the CEO of the FSA and the FOS have also instructed Swift to provide them with all the
  7. Apparently Swift are paying a flat rate of 8% interest to everyone they overcharged. To be honest it's better than I expected but nowhere near the 14% they were charging me.
  8. Hi LL I'm not sure I understand this. My mortgage was only taken out in 2007, the letter above was dated 23/12/2010, and the £360 of charges are listed on the list of transactions on 22/02/2008 (£250) and 22/05/2008 (£110) Also, the trading name above says Swift Advances but my mortgage was with Swift First (Although a couple of recent letters have come through on Swift Advances letter headed paper. Shoops
  9. I know Eastern Counselling have caused some concern in the past so I thought I would print the reply I got explaining who/what they are. It may be old news, I'm not sure. "Following the repossession of your property in *************** 2010 you were concerned about fees charged to your account notably a charge of £360 related to Eastern Counselling. This charge was comprised of two charges, £250 relating to the first occassion that your account went into arrears on ********* 2008 and a subsequent £110 charge applied on the second occasion that your account went in top arrears on *********
  10. Dougal and Caro Dougal, i've just tried the legal aid route and they said i need to exhaust all other options first. I'm about half way through the process at the moment but need to give the Chief Exec a chance to reply to my complaint and cooperate, then when he doesn't help (We already know he wont dont we) i need to go to the FSA. If they dont get anywhere i can go back to Legal Aid and they will get involved. Caro, thanks for the links, i guess that template will come in handy if the FSA dont get anywhere and at that time the threat of court action will be real. Shoops
  11. I did wonder about that but i assumed they wouldn't be able to help because there isn't a clear crime or fraud. I should have checked though, I'll phone them tomorrow. Thanks Dougal.
  12. My thoughts exactly Dougal. Indirectly I've paid all these bills from the proceeds of the sale and Swift wont even tell me what the charges are for. The FSA have advised me to write to Andy Punch directly and if i dont receive the answers after that they will take it up on my behalf. Unfortunately i'm still struggling financially after losing the house and cant even afford a bad brief let alone a good one
  13. Hi everyone One or two of you may remember i had my house repossessed by Swift and i sent a subject Access Request to them. Initially they replied with about a tenth of the info i had requested so i wrote back asking for the rest of it. The 40 days are now up and i haven't heard anything so this morning i phoned them. They claim to have written to me on the 23rd of November informing me that they cant provide any of the info because they can only supply me with info that is directly personal to me. I asked them to explain what that means and they said if the documentation hasnt got my nam
  14. Hi Dougal I sent you a pm a while ago, i was just wondering what you made of my agreement, if anything. Shoops
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