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  1. Yes it is about ACS Law but to get ACS stoped we need some one in power what will actually listen to the general public and stop this, it seams to me that the powers 2B only listen to people with big fat bank accounts.
  2. please all join my protest do not vote for any main political parties at the next general election (PLEASE) this will be the only thing what will make them sit up and listen,:confused:
  3. And i thought you worked with scooby doo never mind only joking m8 but why are you getting so high rate over my choice or your choice of isp? or any one else come to that, just take a big deep breath and chill we are all here to help each other not argue against each other.
  4. If only i could see into the future, you have a great gift m8, Any chance of next weeks lottery numbers? PS the ISP i left doesn't exist anymore end of Tiscali is now TalkTalk. But hey you stick with whatever isp you wish to stop with and i will do the same.
  5. I was with Tiscali when the take over happend and i got a claim from ACS, and i also was going to leave but it was took over by TalkTalk and because TalkTalk thought more of its customers i decided to stay with them, so it looks like Tiscali screwed its loyal customers befor TalkTalk took over.
  6. I am furious at BT too for getting me into thsi situation- have cancelled my broadband subscription in protest Nice one and i think all customers should do the same thinking as you M8 LEAVE BT i would not give them any of my business ever again and also tell as many friends and family as pos to protest with you.
  7. When i got my letter in june of last year i was S*ITING bricks i blasterd the kids, me and the wife was arguing etc etc. The kids told me they sweard down it was not them, and the wife could not turn a P.C on so after a few days i sat and worked the days out, and we was on our hols at the time of there accusation, so then i sent a letter of denial and told them it was NOT me or my family and asked them to give me more evidence, BUT they faild they just sent more crap saying my I.P address was the infringer bla bla bla, then they sent me a new claim wanting less money, and i just keept telling them if they think there evidence is so fool proof TAKE ME TO COURT but still to this day about 7 month on NOTHINK, and im still waiting and still willing to go to court and if my day comes i will bring all the big boys with me the media. So stop worrying m8 life is to short.
  8. If you have a mortgage m8 its not your home its the mortgage lenders home and i dont think they will give any part of it away without a fight, dont worry m8 its just a matter of time untill they come to a sticky end.
  9. Thanks for the advice scooby doo i will put that in my claim to ACS they can also pay my higher insurance premiums. WERE THERS BLAIM ;
  10. I would like to make a promise to all cagers if i have a big win on the lottery i will get the best legal team money could buy and i will take Crossley and ACS to court and seek damages from them and donate all court claim money to charity(after my winning claim) 1) Putting a stigma on my good name saying i listen to Scooter 2) Causing family breakdown @ loss of work 3) Causing depression suicidal-thoughts and harassment alarm and distress And unlike his evidence i can prove my evidence, i can prove i was on my hollidays at the time of his allegation, i have holliday receipts credit card receipts etc , so if you have sufferd any of the above go to your local GP with this letter from ACS and tell him how you feel and whats brought your symptoms on, all the info you give will go down on record and who no,s if any cager wins the big one you to can have your day. I AWAIT MY COURT DATE
  11. Flyyyte Good post m8 but i still think Crossley and his underdogs should get a bit rough justice (down a back alley) i feel i have had rough justice from ACS i have had 3 blackmail letters from him and his so called LAW firm:mad: they evan look like a pack of corrupt scumbags.
  12. I tell you what this crossley wants is a bit rough justice, After reading the link in your post about Talk-Talk this i carnt get my head round, becouse i was with Tiscali and have been for years then Talk Talk took over but i now have a letter of claim from ACS and await my fait, so it looks like Tiscali:-x has screwed its loyal customers big time B4 TALK-TALK took over
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