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  1. Many thanks Peterjm, brilliant. Attilla Freudian slip I think! I will let you know what happens.
  2. Hi Andrew 1, not according to peterjm, see post 6881 above. But if you have news please let me know.
  3. Hi Andrew 1, not according to peterjm, see post 6881 above. But if you have news please let me knw.
  4. I am about t send the following letter to Attia. Any comments, anything to add please? Ms A. Attia Capstone Mortgage Service 4th Floor Royal London House 22-25 Finsbury Square London EC2A 1 BX Dear Ms Attica I am in receipt of a most concerning letter from your Collections Department dated 9th November, although what prompted them to send it is not clear as we have an agreement for the repayment of the arrears for some years now and if was not for your exorbitant charges that seem to be set against the arrears, the arrears would have been paid off by now and this is up-to-date and paid on time, although I realise that this is part of your business model that enables you to achieve 10% of all repossessions in this country and I am sure that you are justifiably proud of the fact that no company has made more people homeless each week since the blitz. However, can you please explain to me how the arrears were £1,074.57 on the statement for 17/9/10 to 5/11/10 and on your letter of 9th November the arrears are shown as £1,392.53. Please let me know by return why the arrears have increased by £317.96. Most concerning is the thinly veiled threat contained in the last paragraph of the letter, that asks us to think very carefully about where we should live should Eurosail -UK 2007-4BL PLC commence legal proceedings to repossess our property. This is unjustified as we are completely up to date with the agreed arrears repayments and with the monthly mortgage payments. At the moment, I would like to know what is was that prompted such a letter to be sent and for your reassurance that Eurosail are not about to try to repossess our house. Threats such as this are completely in contravention of the lending code and I will be complaining in the strongest terms to the FOS about this. I will also be contacting the OFT to make them aware of this most unprofessional way of doing business. I will also be contacting the Richard Dyson of the Mail on Sunday who, as you undoubtedly know, has written a most unflattering article about your company and is looking for follow-up material. With regard to the various charges your people are at great pains to detail once more, I would like to bring your attention to the following statement by The Office of Fair Trading: "A term in a mortgage agreement which requires the borrower to pay more for breaching the contract terms than actual costs and losses caused to the lender by the breach (or a genuine pre-estimate of that) is likely to be regarded as an unfair penalty and to be unenforceable both at common law and (in a consumer mortgage) under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations“. We believe that the charges you have levied of £2,430.00 since March 2003, far exceed any true cost to yourself as a result of our breaches and any genuine pre-estimate you could conceivably reach. If you disagree, then will you please demonstrate this by letting me have a full breakdown of the costs to which you have been put to as a result of our breaches, in order to reassure us that your charges really do reflect your costs. I have complained to you previously about your charges and the letter you sent in response was most unsatisfactory and no attempt was made to justify your charges. I will, therefore, be contacting the OFT about your charges and filing a complaint with the FOS about the way in which you do business and about your charges after giving you another opportunity to answer my legitimate question as to how my money is being spent on your charges. I will be taking this further action if I do not have a satisfactory reply from you by 1st December. Yours faithfully  
  5. I have had a letter about statements. Also had a threatening letter from Capstone about arrears and the charges they can make. They prattle on about making acceptable proposals to pay off arrears. I have had an arrangement in place for 2 years now and it is up to date and on time. The final paragraph is the most concerning, it says " Additionally, you should think carefully about where you should live should Eurosail commence legal proceedings to reposses your property. I have written to Ms Attica to complain about the tone of the letter and to ask for her personal assurance that Eurosail will not be seeking to repossess my property. I am also writing to the OFT and the FOS with complaints about their business methods and their exorbitant charges. Is Attica's address at HIgh Wycombe?
  6. Many thanks Imp and Under. Can nw concentrate on trying to fend off the other leaches that are crawling all over me!
  7. Thank you Under. The court accepted my offer of a reasonable monthly payment so it ended up ok.
  8. Thanks Sue, I am confusing unsecured and unregulated. can a loan of £35,000 be unregulated? If it can, am I able to claim back the charges?
  9. Can you help me please as I am confused (again!). SPPL always make it a big thing to remind me that my loan is unsecured which makes it very difficult for me to claim back their exorbitant charges. However, I thought that an unsecured loan had to be less than £25,000 but my loan was for £35,000 and secured against my house, so a second mortgage. How can this be unsecured?
  10. My loan is with SPPL, yet I pay SPML. Capstone tell me that the loan has been assigned to Eurosail, so presumably my monthly payments go from SPML to Eurosail somehow.
  11. Does "no loans" refer to SPPL not having borrowed any money themselves, hence having no loans?
  12. Thanks Sue. The loan was for £35,000 in 2001. Does this mean I can't claim?
  13. Thanks not another.... I have asked Capstone for the charges to be returned and have had the usual FO letter. I will put in a claim but will it be accepted as it is an unregulated loan?
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