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  1. Can anyone help?? Im trying to start a new thread in `LLoyds TSB PPI Section` and havent a clue how to do it and the "How to........ section on here is as clear as mud.
  2. Hey good to hear from you emanevs & yep you are dead right there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing around now.
  3. Thank you Beyond and quite right in what you say in response.
  4. Nonsense. First of all you can send a telephone harassment letter so therefore you will not be telephoned and its in accordance with OFCOM and ther e is a template letter available on the forum most likely in the Library section. I would discourage anyone from entering into any telephone verbal dialogue and to keep everything written and formal. Secondly you do receive `personal letters` and to say they are all standard system letters is incorrect. Thirdly your comment on the level of full and final settlement figures being a maximum of 50% is highly questionable and many caggers on here will testify they have negotiated less figures. Have a read and a navigation around the Welcome Forum in particular - you will find the level of expertise and intellect and the posts very enlightening.
  5. Emmets solicitors are busily ringing round the client base and those who had dealings with Ratio Money. They have rung me twice in the last 2 weeks offereing to `reaudit my agreements` provided I stump up £495 fee for ate insurance fee. Needless to say they received short shrift and blistered ears - these people are total clowns be warned.
  6. I find all this very disturbing and I really hope no one is lulled into a false sense of security. Its unlikely the slate will be wiped clean & we will be able to disappear into the sunset. If anyone has done a deal and either wiped their loan or had the full & final settlement reduced to peanuts please show your selves please to give all of us hope.
  7. And this will mean what exactly to your average punter who has been saddled with `Welcome Secured loans` like me? No doubt the book will be sold and the loans and some one else will be chasing us??
  8. Seems he`s disappeared not responded to any pms - cheers mate!
  9. Yeah done that last time was August 17. Sent him a few pm`s last couple of days - nothing.
  10. Just wondered if emanevs is ok? Any one heard from him?
  11. My advice is steer well clear of these jokers. Also Emmets solicitors who were in cohoots with Ratio Money are busy ringing round the formers client base offering their services - give them a wide berth as well
  12. Interesting development tho it will be a while if at all before they fold completely won`t it? I doubt in any eventuality that we will see our loans vapourised (would be nice if Im wrong).
  13. Yeh I know and as they went on towards the end of June 2008 - it will be the end of June 2011 before they are off. The longer it takes the better as if its true and I get 3 points its a long time to be driving around with 9 points on the licence until next June but I guess the moral of the story will be to be ultra careful and vigilant.
  14. Thank you for the advice given I thought the penalty points endorsement would be higher and thats what concerned me the most. I already have 6 on my licence and they don`t reach their 3rd birthday until the end of June 2011. How soon potentially could I be fined and have additional points added? is it likely to be this side of Xmas or into 2011?
  15. Ive received a `Notice of Intended Prosecution` today which says they intend to prosecute me for doing 86mph along a dual carriageway which has a speed limit of 70 mph. I was clocked by a mobile speed camera unit and they were parked in a layby along the A303 at Longparish Hampshire. Presumably I have to fill in the details and send the form back. I assume I am looking at a fine but will I get a ban as well? Currently I have 6 points on the licence which are due to come off in June. How quickly would this go to court and is there any room for manouvre? Again I assume as I was doing 86 mph as they allege that the `Speed awareness course` isnt an option? Any advice would be appreciated by those of you in the know please.
  16. Here`s the letter I received from them today. The previous letter dated 27 July & already posted on here said the outstanding balance was £18839.56
  17. I have today received a letter from Salans the solicitors appointed by Welcome and in response to me asking what a "substantially reduced settlement figure" would be? They have said £19800 - f###### comedians!
  18. This is total garbage!! Why not leave it as it was if it aint broke dont fix it!!
  19. After you pay this back why dont you just take a breather and not get into the spiral of borrowing month after month like this? I know its easy to say that but the stress levels and aggro can`t be worth it in the long run and the level of interest you are getting stung for is phenomenal!
  20. Yes I do have a first charge lender. Welcome is a 2nd charge on property for £15k. Frankly I find this all very disturbing & I don`t intend by any stretch to let it get to the extreme of repossession Ive worked my backside off all my life and I aint going down with out an almighty fight you can rest assured of that as can all the `Welcome Guests` having a sniff & nose around on here. My mortgage is fully up to date.
  21. The 18K outstanding is inclusive of interest original loan was £15k. Initially on the correspondence received from Salens they`ve indicated a full & final repayment figure & they have asked about repayment proposals. As stated initially Im gonna explore the full & final repayment option. In terms of repo which frankly is a bit strong & scare mongering nothing can happen with out a court order and in that scenario likely outcome would probably be a charging order on the property.
  22. The loan is secured. I really dont think they will roll over & take £1.8k. I have missed 6 payments. I have paid 12 monthly payments @ £326.22 per month which is £3914.64 paid to date. I have written back to `Salans` and asked them what is a considerably lower one off lump sum payment to settle the account. I got that letter in the post yesterday to them I havent quoted any figures myself to them.
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