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  1. Can anyone help?? Im trying to start a new thread in `LLoyds TSB PPI Section` and havent a clue how to do it and the "How to........ section on here is as clear as mud.
  2. Hey good to hear from you emanevs & yep you are dead right there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing around now.
  3. Thank you Beyond and quite right in what you say in response.
  4. Nonsense. First of all you can send a telephone harassment letter so therefore you will not be telephoned and its in accordance with OFCOM and ther e is a template letter available on the forum most likely in the Library section. I would discourage anyone from entering into any telephone verbal dialogue and to keep everything written and formal. Secondly you do receive `personal letters` and to say they are all standard system letters is incorrect. Thirdly your comment on the level of full and final settlement figures being a maximum of 50% is highly questionable and many caggers on here will testify they have negotiated less figures. Have a read and a navigation around the Welcome Forum in particular - you will find the level of expertise and intellect and the posts very enlightening.
  5. Emmets solicitors are busily ringing round the client base and those who had dealings with Ratio Money. They have rung me twice in the last 2 weeks offereing to `reaudit my agreements` provided I stump up £495 fee for ate insurance fee. Needless to say they received short shrift and blistered ears - these people are total clowns be warned.
  6. I find all this very disturbing and I really hope no one is lulled into a false sense of security. Its unlikely the slate will be wiped clean & we will be able to disappear into the sunset. If anyone has done a deal and either wiped their loan or had the full & final settlement reduced to peanuts please show your selves please to give all of us hope.
  7. And this will mean what exactly to your average punter who has been saddled with `Welcome Secured loans` like me? No doubt the book will be sold and the loans and some one else will be chasing us??
  8. Seems he`s disappeared not responded to any pms - cheers mate!
  9. Yeah done that last time was August 17. Sent him a few pm`s last couple of days - nothing.
  10. Just wondered if emanevs is ok? Any one heard from him?
  11. My advice is steer well clear of these jokers. Also Emmets solicitors who were in cohoots with Ratio Money are busy ringing round the formers client base offering their services - give them a wide berth as well
  12. Interesting development tho it will be a while if at all before they fold completely won`t it? I doubt in any eventuality that we will see our loans vapourised (would be nice if Im wrong).
  13. Yeh I know and as they went on towards the end of June 2008 - it will be the end of June 2011 before they are off. The longer it takes the better as if its true and I get 3 points its a long time to be driving around with 9 points on the licence until next June but I guess the moral of the story will be to be ultra careful and vigilant.
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