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  1. @pin1onu - amendments made in pen eh! LOL .. so do i go to this place Traffic Management, 4th Floor, Wilder House, Wilder Street ?or just to the main council building at College Green to see these TRO documents? @greenandmean - i really appreciate your input on this .. i will check if the bays are still marked as they are on google .. i would never have thought to question things like correct regulation bay markings!
  2. Ok.. i was in a parking bay .. which does have a single yellow line .. i did not see a sign apart from that on the pay and display meter .. i will go back in the week and find what signs are there and what they say .. i suspect they are the correct signs, i know though that they are not visible from the area where we parked as the road has a slight curve.. i would say they are approx 10 car spaces away at the other p&d meter.
  3. OK,, starting to get my head around it .. i can forget about the pay and display meters and signs .. concentrate on the SYL issue and the signs that explain exactly what regulations are in force. the contravention on the ticket states : 01 - Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. I dont get how they expect any visitors to Bristol to make head or tail of it all ! i would love to know how much revenue is raised simply from misunderstanding the issue .. in my mind its a fair cop if you park somewhere knowing its against regs, you know those times you run into a shop for
  4. @pin1onu - " A TRO is public document and the council is obliged to have it available for anyone to view" .. so do i just email and ask them to send me the TRO for this parking bay/this road or is it just one document to cover all of bristol? should i be requesting a hard copy version or simply asking where this document is available for public viewing? On the other score - i think this area is one parking bay with two pay and display meters .. the furthest from where i parked has the regulation signs on the lampost , it is out of sight from the second pay and display meter where i parked
  5. @Jamberson - is there a technical description to diffentiate where one 'bay' ends and where the next one starts? @lamma - yeah , i will go back and check what is ther now .. i was just using googlemap out of interest, cos i am an hour and a half away from Bristol
  6. @jamberson - we were parked in the very last bay , at the end of the road .. i have been looking at googlemap and there is a sign back down the road and around the corner from where we were .. above the other pay and display meter (at a guess 12 car lengths away and not in line of sight ) the photo i took is of the pay and display meter next to the very last bay where we were parked - there definitely is no sign above it or within view. I noticed that entering the road there are two road signs that state "PEDESTRIAN AREA fri - sat 8pm to Midnight, sat - sun midnight - 4am" so theres a di
  7. @green and mean .. i agree totally with what you are saying , i dont blame anyone except myself .. @rooster .. thats all i want is opinions , in fairness it is pretty obvious now, sitting at home , looking at the photo .. but in the moment , finding a space , getting sorted, reading re-reading , etc,,, i totally honestly thought i was ok to park .. the 'no waiting' jus didnt register .. and if only there was someone to make enquiry to eh ! i believe it is the councils financial interest to not improve the signs ! as i say the whole bay was full of ticketed cars ! we arent all idiots ! (in t
  8. @sailor sam .. yeah, i agree .. what annoys me is the assumption that someone reading this will correctly translate the 'no waiting' symbol ! at the time i didnt even notice it .. it should clearly state NO PARKING in writing shouldnt it ? edit : even the traffic warden who i spotted down the street , i caught up with them and had a chat , they agreed 'off the record' that it wasnt clear ! it is my opinion that they know every friday night this road is going to be full of parked cars !! ker-ching.
  9. Yes, this is a photo of the front of the pay and display machine. I didnt see a road sign near where we were parked ! i will have to go back in the week and have a good look in the daylight !
  10. Hello.. Just joined the forum , so Hello , You guys helped me get off a private parking notice last year , so this is where i came for advice on what happened on Friday night in Bristol. Arrived on St.Stephens road (off Baldwin street) about 6.30pm , friday 12/09.. read the signs on the pay and display parking area , wasn't 100% sure whether to pay or not , tried to put money in .. meter was blocking coins ! passer by told us - don't park there - the wardens come at 7 and you will get a ticket . Read through the sign another couple of times trying to make head or tail of it , we both decid
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