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  1. Thanks for the reply, I have sent a detailed letter explaining the situation and why I couldn't reply sooner. I have passed on my husbands details and also enclosed a copy of the letter from the DVLA. I have spoken to the police and they have confirmed that they will investigate and the DVLA sensitive casework team have said the same. I guess I just have to sit and wait now and hope that my husband comes clean about what he has done.
  2. I split with my husband and moved out of our family home in February. The split was not amicable and I have had no contact since I left. Last Weds my son brought me some mail and amongst it were 2 Notices of Intended prosecution for speeding in a 30mph but the offences happened on 09/3/13 and the vehicle was not my car and the offences occurred in a different county which I have never visited. There was also a letter from the DVLA asking for my signature as someone else has applied for a V5 regarding the same car which is apparently registered in my name!!! The car was bought by my husban
  3. Hi Sorry I didn't get back to you. Had a nightmare week!! Whilst I was online on Sunday evening my husband became seriously ill and I had to rush him to A & E. We both thought he was a gonner. They are worried he has a bleed on the brain or a tumour so as you can imagine this has been at the forefront of my week. Because his attack subsided late Sunday night they let him home!! Now waiting for an emergency CT scan and been told that at the first sign of another attack must dial 999 Getting back to the debt problems, I spoke with the man who wanted to take the car and he didn't h
  4. Thanks Ell-enn, that would be great, I would really appreciate that, I'll do whatever it takes to try and keep things right, I'm really stressed at the moment, I'm up at 4am every day and out of the door at 5. I work all the hours I can but its just not been enough. My husband was the main earner in the house so its been a big blow
  5. Sorry for the delay, in middle of cooking tea, ironing and sorting kids school stuff! Mortgage express, part of Bradford & Bingley
  6. We've come to an arrangement with the council tax so that is fine now. we are about 6 months in arrears with the mortgage cos we can't afford to make full payments and they add on charges and interest every month, my husband is going to ring them tomorrow to try and sort something out. We have tried to make arrangements with them but they wanted too much each month and we just can't afford it. They are on the verge of applying for repossession
  7. My Husband was made redundant in February and we've muddled through on my wages since then, he hadn't been with his employer long enough for any redundancy payment, we've basically been robbing peter to pay paul! We're behind on the mortgage and council tax and we struggle from day to day. He signed on with 6 agencies straight away and was getting the odd day here and there but most weeks he hasn't had any work at all. He applies for jobs and doesn't even get a response. He could agree to pay a little each month but they are very rude and do not seem to want to help at all. Work shoul
  8. I've checked the agreement and where it says insurances all the columns are zero, my husband thought he had taken out ppi but there is nothing on the paperwork to confirm this and when he informed them he had been made redundant they didn't want to know, they just wanted full payment. So I take it from the paperwork he doesn't have ppi
  9. Hi Ell-enn Yes on the agreement it says if he has paid £3844.12 they have to get a court order but we haven't been in this situation before so I am unsure if we should have received something in the post or if they bring it with them. I don't know what to do!
  10. Hi gillypam Thanks for replying so soon The only paperwork we have is a pre contact hire purchase agreement, we have no bill of sale and have never seen one or signed one. I just wondered if we had any rights to prevent them taking the car back. Will the man need a court order and if so how will we know if it is genuine
  11. Hi would really appreciate some advice My husband took out a HP agreement with the funding corporation on 22/07/07, the price of the car was £6900 with all the interest and other things they add on the opening balance was £9009.16 He received a default notice which states total amount payable £11593.56 and total amount paid £4620.36 although he made two more payments totalling £526.88 He has now been made redundant and missed 2 payments on the car, the funding corp aren't intersested and want full payments each month, on 31/08/09 he received a letter telling him that the Hp agre
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