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  1. Hi, So I rented a car from SIXT. I took photos of every panel when in the car park before leaving. There were already 8 pieces of reported damage on the vehicle, so identifying anything new was tricky, hence the photos. Upon return, a "new" piece of damage was found (very small - less than 3mmx10mm surface paint scratch, looking like a bit of dirt), and indeed the panel it was on wasn't listed on the pre-hire damage form. I looked back at my photos, and, while quite blurry, they do show the damage pre-hire. So my question is, do the photos take away my liability
  2. Events: I have been given an unpaid fare notice for a journey from Exeter St. Davids to London Waterloo. I originally had a ticket for the journey, via honiton and basingstoke, with an unreserved seat departing around 8pm, and costing £7.90 (+£1 booking fee) Having arrived at the station early, and noticing that my seat was unreserved and that there was an earlier train with available unreserved seats, I took that instead. (departing around 4pm, same day) I was given an unpaid fare notice for about £50 for the journey, since apparantly my ticket wasn't yet valid. My Claims:
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