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  1. Thanks...you think I should......sorry understood. I thinks the best thing will try to send everything out tomorrow or not later than this week in case late. How about the FOS reply?
  2. thanks... is that mean I should apply for redetermination(N244) long with objections.
  3. Apologise for all my silly questions. I reread the complaint reply it said A letter was issued to you on 7/9/2011 advising that we were unable to accept your offer of repayment as it was unrealistic in comparison to the balance outstanding. This letter also advised you of our intention to issue a County Court Claim with a view to obtaining Judgement for payment forthwith, then applying for a CO on your interest in the property. We feel this reasoning is entirely valid but we can assure you that the CO is required as security only and will not be enforced by seeking an order for sale of the pro
  4. Thanks for quick reply...If I apply for redetermination(N244), the case unsuccessfully then will due more cost to me .
  5. As I mentioned previouly didn't received judgement, personally phoned NCCC and found out the judgement was £333. Perhaps Court and Claimant didn't received my response then carry on with the Charging Order action.
  6. Thanks.... is it worth send off N245 as well? I didn't receive notification of the judgement (will raised this issue in my objections).
  7. Hi Andy thanks for the reply... This case was a bit complex, couple of years ago I requested CCA from DCA, they unable to comply my request closed the a/c and returned to OC instead. Until last year debt been assigned to latest DCA, they ask me making an offer straight away and i explained my situation only can afford £1 due to my financial circumstances. Their response saying was not a realistic offer turned down headed straight to Court for a Charging Order. When I received the Claim Form was panicky and never cross my mind whatever regarded the pass took the wrong step cause me this m
  8. According ICO letter saying it is further ordered that:- 1. If a Debtor wishes to apply for an instalment order to be linked to the Charging Order he or she must complete and file in Court and serve on the Claimant not less than 7 days prior to the hearing, an application in form N245 with full details of his or her income & outgoings and assets and liabilities and offer made any pay and relevant fee for such an application or complete a fee remission form if appropriate. Please advice should I send or is it too late to send N245 for the CCJ £333.02?
  9. No forthwith...the Claimant requested instalment payment £333.02 was accepted by Court
  10. Hi xueernng thanks for you reply, unfortunately I can't find it can you help please
  11. land registry letter and final charging order hearing should be on the way shortly I expect
  12. I guess they know i can't afford pay the instalment as requested, then they are follow the stages by stages get to the end (Charging Order).
  13. properly as the letter from claimant did say wish to apply to the Court to make an Order for payment of the full amount forthwith, in order then apply for a Charging Order on your property.
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