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  1. Thanks I'm going to type up something for Monday to present to my general manager and fax over to HR (any suggestions?). My line manager suggested the GM might let me take a week unpaid and pay me for it but to be honest at this point I just want the money they owe me.
  2. I transfered to a different location in June this year I worked a 40 hour week and I didn't receive a payment for that week in my pay . I was told they would sort it out and it was due to a problem in my transfer dates and that I would get it in my next pay packet .. Guess what it never turned up! Couple of weeks ago I was off sick with swine flu I was told that due to company procedure I wouldn't get paid for 3 days of that but as they owed me 40 hours they would pay me for it I however pointed out that 2, 8 hour days and 1, 6 hour day did not constitute a 40 hour week and they still owed me
  3. I may be a little out of date with the warranty procedure as I haven't worked on the shop floor at pc world for 3 years. But the software isn't/Wasn't covered under the warranty only the hardware it is/was the consumers responsibility to back up the OS and data with the supplied recovery software on the pc unless covered by the extended service agreement which covered the software.
  4. Unfortuanatly its your responsibility to supply the recovery disks. Your warranty unless you have pc performance just covers the hardware not the software although under pc performance you wouldn't be covered for the recovery disks either best bet is to order the disks from HP I'm betting the reason why the engineer isn't turning up with the disks is because they don't order them it is your responsibility.
  5. Went to work today nothing was said about my "failure to turn up to work" at the weekend tho I have told them about the possibility of me relocating back to my original place of work. Also consulted the staff handbook which states I must change my availability within 28 days of the written request .. so guess that solves that issue!
  6. Just to add all the new job adverts say about the hours Specific hours: 4 out of 7 contract which will include weekends ... Doesn't say every weekend tho!
  7. I transfered within the company to a new role and new location after being made redundant I haven't signed or seen a new contract (my old one says maximum at 40 hours and to work days as the business demands). I've also gone from 40 to 30 hours. I asked a colleague who is a manager at another branch and apparently they have to give me 28 days notice to request I change my availability. After seeing my colleague in the other branch it looks like I will be going there to work mon - fri in another role so I guess that gives me 28 days from my disciplinary hearing (that I'm sure they will send me
  8. when I went for my job interview I was asked if I had any problems working particular days I stated to the manager and assistant manager that I could not work every other weekend due to other commitments Typically when I started the rota's where wrong and I managed to reshuffle and worked the first month of weekends as a favour.then I went on holiday and they fixed the rotas They have now started putting me in every weekend. This weekend I told them when the rota went up that I was not available as it was my weekend off as agreed I was told I had to work it. I didn't turn up as this was outsid
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